Thursday, June 05, 2008


Beautiful day!

I haven't blogged in forever! But here are a few pics from our trip to Yellowstone this past weekend through a trip with BYU-Idaho Outdoor Activities. The ride up there and back, a hike, dinner, Playmill show and ice cream afterwards, all for $20--awesome deal! Some of the highlights: we saw a couple of moose and got to see Oklahoma at the Playmill!

Our first moose spotting--by me, thank you very much. :) I have eyes like a hawk! (You'll probably have to click to enlarge the pic in order to see the moose!)

A Shooting Star flower--very pretty.


Moose spotting #2!

Travis and Katie Williams

Oklahoma at the Playmill! It gave both Adam and Travis massive headaches, but other than that, it was totally fun. :)

We love Yellowstone!


Keri said...

How fun!! We always wanted to go up there while we lived in Rexburg...but we too busy with boring homework and stuff. Glad you guys could go and have a great time!

Caralee said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Hey! I'm going private on my blog, I don't think I have your email. Can you send?


Me and My Boys said...

Man, that looks like so much fun! to bad we couldn't go with you, thanks for playing ultimate with us that was a blast, even though I didn't play much it was still awesome, we should get together sometime and hangout.

Greg and Sarah Nelson said...

Yellowstone! That looks like so much fun! Greg and I want to come back to school a little early in the Fall so that we can take a trip to Yellowstone since this will be our last semester up there. I know the Playmill only runs in the summer, right? Do you know when they stop? I would love to go!

Cheney's said...

That looks like so much fun. I love Yellowstone...Hum maybe we'll have to go there when we come back up??? We went a couple years ago but I was pregnant with Audree and I didn't have such a good time cause I was so sick.
I miss you guys a lot...Can't wait until we're back up there. :)

Liz said...

I love Yellowstone as Well!!! We went and saw Oklahoma and I am wondering if that girls laugh gave Adam the headache:)
$20 was a great deal for all that fun!! YOu gotta love BYUI!

Lindsey said...

Looks like tons of fun! And good old Travis... I just had a random flashback to our wonderful Coldstone Days... ;)

Anonymous said...

Great flower pictures (sorry I am a photo geek) Jake and I never got a chance to go but we will make a trip back to Idaho and go. We always left Idaho every summer.