Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Long-overdue Beck update!

Beck is 8 months old today! I really can't believe it. He is more cute and fun every day. He is getting so grown up, and feels like a little best friend to me and not just a baby, ya know? He is so funny, and cute, and squishy, and so happy. I'm sorry I haven't given a "milestones" update recently; here are a few things Beck's up to lately:

--says Mama, Dadda and nanananana for "no"; I was pretty skeptical that he actually associated what these words were, but especially just the last few days, he says them at the perfect/appropriate times, so I'm pretty convinced!
--army-crawls really well now
--makes all sorts of noises, including raspberries, cute "ooooohs", grunts, and trilling (like with Spanish r's)
--sits up really well
--is starting to get down the "pincer" grasp, where they pick up little things with their thumb and pointer-finger, which is adorable!
--still is a bad sleeper, but I guess nobody's perfect :)
--weighs about 23 pounds (weighed 20 @ 6-month appt.) and is getting really tall!
--reaches out for people, which is soooo cute
--is getting four more bottom teeth within the next week or so, we're pretty sure
--loves drinking from straws and cups, but not sippy cups
--very cuddly, especially when he's sleepy, and he'll just hug/hold on--so cute!
--is still pure energy
--loves everybody, and is pretty much loved by everybody too!

A couple cute videos:
Beck's latest noises

Beck army-crawling
This is from more than a week ago, so he's gotten even better since then!

Somebody loves polka-dots...

I was picking up before bed last night, and happened to have three different bags of mine in our entryway--notice any common theme? :) I thought it was so funny, I just had to take a picture. The even funnier part is that as I was taking the pic, I noticed I also had Beck's polka-dotted blanket hanging by them as well. What can I say? I have a mini obsession. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More amazing deals--Albertsons double coupons through tonight! And Beck's first haircut! :)

I just had to share some amazing deals I got yesterday, thanks to Albertsons' sales and double coupons, plus a little planning, of course. :) So, I don't have time to make an itemized list, but I got all of this--retail value of $70--for $7!

I have some extra Albertsons double coupons available if any of you want some! They're only good through tonight, so let me know asap! They are most amazing when you pair them with a high-value coupon ($.75 or $1--Albs will only match up to $1) and a sale. One quick example: I had a few $1 off any 1 McCormick spice, and Albertsons has their McCormick grinders on sale for 2/$4. So I used two $1/1, and two Albs double coupons, and ended up getting the grinders for free! I just had to pay tax. The most I paid for any of the items shown (besides eggs and bread, which I just picked up while I was there) is $1; most were $0.50.

Albs is also having an awesome promotion on Nabisco snacks and Special K products, so I'm headed back tonight to get some more amazing deals.

Yay for couponing! Let me know if you have any questions or would like any doublers! Or if you want to take a field trip to Albertsons with me tonight. :)

Also, here are a before and after pic of Beck's first haircut!

And one more pic, just because he is adorably happy here!

Friday, September 04, 2009

A few cute pics!