Thursday, February 04, 2010

Beck's 12-month stats

Here are Beck's 12-month stats (a week late...):
25.2 pounds (82%)
30.5 inches (76%)
19.5-inch head circ.(99%, haha)

He also had five shots, which he wasn't a big fan of but calmed down quickly. The worst part of the whole day was having to get the routine lead count test (or whatever they call it) at the hospital. Instead of the heal prick, they actually draw blood. What idiot came up with the idea to draw blood from a 12-month old?! It took three of us to hold him down, and that still barely did the job. And it took foooooorever for the blood to actually draw, probably like three minutes--and Beck was screaming the entire time. He has a purple bruise in the shape of the needle on his little hand. The only good aspect of the day is that thanks to the immunizations (I'm sure the whole drawing blood thing helped as well), he slept extremely well! If only he needed shots every day! ;) At least we have a few guaranteed good sleeping days throughout the year!

Oh, and his first birthday was great! I'll post some pics soon!