Friday, October 16, 2009

Beck is crazy :)

We're flyin' to Texas on Saturday, so since I won't be posting for a few weeks, I thought I'd share a little video of our crazy son. :) This was taken the other day when he decided he didn't need to take his usual three-hour afternoon nap, so in this video he had been up for over eight hours--and he still had soooooo much energy! I honestly think he is a literal ball of energy that somehow took human form. But we love him. :)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Texas, here we come!

(A big scary cow/bull/massive beast we encountered in Texas in 2007!)

Well, we as in me and Beck, anyway! Unfortunately, Adam can't come with us. :( By the time we get back (we leave in a week and will be gone for two weeks), Beck and I will have been away from Adam for a month so far this year! So wrong! But it's just the way things work out sometimes, I guess. But despite that sad fact, I am way excited! I'm going to be in San Antonio visiting Elise (wahoo!) and then in Houston visiting my brother and his little fam. Also while we're there I'm going to be meeting up with Adam's grandparents who haven't met Beck yet, so that'll be way fun! And I get to meet up with my friend Stephanie, too! AND, my parents and my sister are going too! So all in all, I'm pretty excited.

The only other sad fact about this trip is that I'm going to be traveling by myself with Beck--ah! I'm actually not too scared, but it will definitely be a new adventure. Any advice on traveling by yourself with an 8-month-old?

Sunday, October 04, 2009

LDS General Conference--watch it! :)

I'm so excited to watch the second day of LDS General Conference today! ANYBODY is welcome to watch/check it out. You can view it online here: