Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sad day

Today is a sad day for the world. Gordon B. Hinckley, 15th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, passed away tonight at his home. He was probably the best person I've ever known--I hope we can all become more like him. He sure will be missed.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Toilet trouble

Funny/sad story time. So, a few Saturdays ago Adam came up with the brilliant idea of "fixing" our toilet. It was "wobbly"--not enough that myself or anybody else could notice or care about-- but I guess it bothered Adam, so he and his brother Cody decided to be manly and fix it themselves. What was meant to be a "quick fix" turned into a mini disaster. I don't quite know all the proper plumbing/toilet terminology, but this is basically what happened: Cody and Adam shut the water off and took the toilet off of the ground. The wax ring wasn't good anymore, so Adam set off to Ace Hardware to get another one. While he was gone, Cody got a little too excited and took a crowbar to the flange (the plastic thingy that hooks into the ground) and completely destroyed it, which caused a huge mess. Anyway, four hours, three Ace Hardware trips and numerous swear words later (just kidding!), they finally finished. :) It was so funny and sad! Elizabeth (my sister-in-law) and I felt so bad, so we were good wives and made them cookies.

Let it snow!

Can you believe this snow?! Rexburg always has really snowy winters, but this winter has been especially crazy. I can't remember a winter this bad since my first year at college--and we just got like five more inches today! Can't wait until summer...

Christmas fun!

Merry Christmas! A little late, I know. :) I haven't posted anything for over a month, so here's the first of a few updates on what's been going on with us lately. First of all, Christmas was wonderful. We went to Boise on Friday night and didn't have to come back until Wednesday morning, so we had a lot of fun. We got to stay in my sister's hotel a few nights which was way nice. With work and Adam's last few weeks of school, life had been pretty stressful in December, so it was incredibly nice to just relax. And, of course, play. While in Boise, we relaxed, played cards, went swimming (and played Marco Polo which I haven't played in years--it was SO much fun), saw Enchanted (loved it!), ate at Panda Express, Red Robbin and Tavern at Bown's Crossing (none of which we have close by us in Rexburg), drove around and saw Christmas lights--and, of course, celebrated Christmas! It was so fun to be all together. Here are some pics of our fun adventures. :)