Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Use our washer and dryer for free for a few months!

Hey everybody! Crazy to think that we are moving tomorrow! It's coming along really well, though!

We need to figure out what to do with our washer and dryer ASAP! The townhouse we're moving into comes with a washer and dryer, so we won't be able to use ours, but don't want to get rid of them permanently. So, question for all of you--would you, or someone you know in Rexburg, want to use our washer and dryer for free for a few months? We won't charge or anything! We thought we had someone lined up to use them, but found out today they don't need them afterall. Hopefully we'll find someone that we can help, and not just have to put them in storage!

Let me know asap if you know someone! Comment, or call me at 359-7203.


P.S. Look, I made eight posts in December! A new record! Half of them were lame and short, but still! :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let me know if I missed re-adding your blog!

Good news--I finally finished adding all of your guys' blog URL's back on my list! I don't recommend losing your blog list; it takes forever to build it back. :) I want to make sure I didn't forget anyone, though, so if you don't see your name, please let me know!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life is crazy sometimes :)

Re-laid off
So things have been kind of insane. As you all know, Adam has been looking for a job, and one that starts asap, since Dec. 31 would be my last day of work. Well, as if we weren't pressured for time already, my boss called me in on Wednesday and said that some investor funding hadn't come through and that I needed to pack up my things and leave as soon as possible. 60% of the company was laid off. So, I packed up my things and said goodbye to YHS, unexpectedly early. Cody, Adam's brother who also worked at YHS, was laid off as well.
Craigo's happened to be having a special that day, so we (me, Adam, Cody and his wife, Elizabeth) went and drown our sorrows with amazing salad, pasta and pizza, whilst watching the cold, depressing snow through the window--sad picture, huh? :)

We then came home and played Monopoly--even though our real money-making had been cut short that day, we could at least pretend we were rich! It played out perfectly: Adam, who always wins, actually lost; Cody got second place, and I actually won for the first time ever! We then all cuddled up on the couch and watched "It's a Wonderful Life." Depressing day, but we enjoyed ourselves as much as we could. :)

New job
So, more than ever, we were really hoping for the BYU Housing job or the BYU-Idaho Facilities Planner job. Well, on Friday we found out that BYU-Idaho has started a "hiring freeze," putting that job on hold until further notice. :( Then less than an hour later we got a call from BYU telling Adam he didn't get the job. :( It always sucks to not get a job, but it especially stinks when you were in the final round/running for it. So, needless to say, we were pretty unsure what to do next. All of our options were gone. And although Adam's manager job @ UV has been great, we couldn't survive on it alone, with me not working, and with a new baby coming in about a month. Well, thankfully, just a few moments later, Adam called the Housing Office to fill them in on the latest and was offered (and accepted) a Housing Assistant job that had just opened up, which he will begin on Dec. 29. Honestly, it's not an amazing job (pay- and duties-wise), but he will do amazing at it, and we're grateful that it came through in our time of need.

New apartment
Because our apartment is attached with Adam's manager job, and since neither of us are students anymore, we have to move! We were very lucky and blessed to be able to find and sign a contract for a great little townhouse to rent only about a mile away from our place now. But we will still have to move out of our complex/ward, which will be way sad :( , especially in all this snow. :) We'll be moving Jan.1.

Although we'll be sad to leave the ward and complex, it will be fun to start this new chapter in our lives. Isn't it absolutely crazy how much can change in less than a week?

Belly shots @ 34 weeks

My growing belly/baby!

This is the only shot where I don't look huge; I totally prefer this angle. :)

Growing, and growing...

Ok, this picture is gross--I apologize. Adam accused me of trying to hide my belly by wearing black. I totally wasn't! Even if I had been trying to, it's obvious it didn't work very well. :) Anyway, so this is my all-out pregnant belly shot, thanks to Adam. :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stupid blogger!

Ok, so I just have to do a little venting. I was getting bored with my blog background and wanted to spice things up for the holidays. I'd heard horror stories about fellow bloggers losing their family/friends blog list when doing this, so I was super careful as I went about the process. I found a cute background, copied the code into my blogger layout HTML thingy, and previewed it. To my disappointment, the preview didn't save any of my gadgets, including my precious blog list. So sadly, I clicked "clear edits" and made sure I did not save the new code. Phew--or so I thought. But, as it would turn out...


Thankfully, I prepared for the worst and made a screen shot of all the names on the list beforehand. But now I have to go through for every single name and track down the URL, and enter it in again.

I am grateful for Blogger's free services that help me stay in touch with my favorite people, but this made me so angry! Especially since I never even saved any changes!

Ok, I feel bad having a negative post around the holiday season, but I just couldn't help myself. Please don't judge me. :) Judge Blogger. :) Haha. Happy holidays, everybody! A more cheerful post is hopefully on deck for next time!

Thanks, Erin, for recommending the Cutest Blog on the Block--totally using them from now on instead of Pyzam!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Elf Yourself! :)

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas decor, mini-sized :)

Adam and I always love putting up Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving, but since this year we don't know if we'll still be living where we are now (see post below), we didn't want to have to take everything down again before Christmas. So, we have done mini decorations on top of our bookshelf! We got a mini tree and a mini tree skirt fom Wal-Mart (adorable!) and I also went all out and cutely wrapped our presents. :) Yay for Christmas!

p.s. Totally didn't plan this, but the layout of this post looks like a Christmas tree! How appropriate. :)


Baby update: Everything is going well! And we will have our boy here in less than two months! I have my eight-month appointment next week, and after that I start going in for an appointment every two weeks. Crazy! It's gone by really fast, and we hope these last two months go quickly as well. You've probably noticed from the ticker, but the name we have decided on is Beck--we love it.

Job update: I have less than a month left of work now. Although being laid off stinks, at the same time I am excited to have a few weeks to relax and get things ready. Adam has applied and been offered interviews for three jobs; one in Idaho Falls, one here in Rexburg and one in Provo. We feel very blessed that these opportunities have arisen, and hope and pray that one of them works out! So, if one of these does turn into a job, we could be moving within a couple of weeks. :( We don't know anything yet, but it's definitely a possibility. We would be way sad to leave our apartment complex and ward, but excited for a new chapter of our lives. We'll keep you all updated!