Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cheapest music ever!

I recently found out about a website that has changed my life! Ok, that's maybe a little dramatic, but it's so amazing! You can buy songs for $.10 and albums for $.99--yeah, no joke. Don't worry, I couldn't believe it at first either. But it's true! Ok, so the website is www.mp3fiesta.com. You have to make a "deposit" up front of $20 or more, and then it just subtracts from that balance with each purchase you make, if that makes sense. It also doesn't automatically load onto your computer--you have to go into your Downloads section on the site and save your music to your computer. I have bought so much music, and I still have $10 left of my $20 I originally deposited! It's amazing, and I just had to share it. I have been hesitant to share in this joy, in fear that it's an illegal site and the more I share it, the quicker it will be taken away. :( I couldn't hold in the secret any longer--go check out mp3fiesta.com!

p.s. The site doesn't look sketchy or ghetto, so I don't think it's actually illegal--yet. :) So don't feel guilty checking it out!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our Rexburg Idaho Temple is Here!

This is a frontal view of our new Rexburg Idaho Temple that was dedicated by President Monson on Feb.10, 2008! All Latter-day Saint (Mormon) Temples built since the Salt Lake Temple feature a golden angel Moroni sounding his trumpet atop the large spire. The angel Moroni represents a messenger of the restoration of the gospel and also of the Second Coming - "for the Son of Man shall come, and he shall send his angels before him with the great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together the remainder of his elect from the four winds".

This is the baptismal room in the temple. It is where baptisms for our deceased ancestors can be performed so that they may receive the gospel if they did not have that opportunity while living. In the center of the room is the baptismal font being supported on the backs of twelve oxen. These twelve oxen which uphold the font represent the twelve tribes of Israel. They are placed facing outward toward the north, south, east and west - in every direction of the compass. The beautiful oxen are difficult to see in this picture because they actually stand below the floor level from which the picture was taken.

This is the Bride's Room in the Temple. This is where a woman preparing to wed in the temple dresses for the blessed occasion with the help of sweet temple workers as well as a few family and/or friends she may have chosen for the occasion.

This is the Sealing Room in the Temple (although the actual altar is not pictured). This room is where couples and even, in some cases, entire families, are sealed to one another for time and all eternity. We believe that families can be together forever through the special ceremony performed in this room. If you are married in the temple, your children born thereafter are automatically born under that covenant and will forever be sealed to their parents from birth. For those who adopt their children, or for those who have children but weren't originally married in the temple, a very special sealing ceremony that includes the children is held to unite their family for all eternity.

This is the Ordinance Room. It is a room where the ceremony known as endowment is administered. The Idaho Falls Temple is considered a moving Temple where those participating move from room to room, each room representing a progression of mankind. There may be (depending on the temple) a Creation room, representing the events of Genesis; a Garden room representing the Garden of Eden (where Adam & Eve lived prior to the "fall of man"); a World room representing where Adam and Eve lived after the fall; and the Terrestrial and Celestial rooms representing two of the three kingdoms of God. The Celestial Kingdom is the highest degree of glory (what others may describe as "Heaven") and also considered the glory of the sun. The Terrestrial Kingdom, the glory of the moon, is the second kingdom and The Telestial Kingdom, the glory of the stars, is the lowest kingdom.

This is the Celestial Room and is usually where most temple ceremonies and/or ordinances end (aside from baptisms). This room represents the Celestial Kingdom, which, as stated above, is the highest degree of glory, the glory of the sun. Learn more about the three degrees of Glory, Joseph Smith and more HERE.

I have a testimony of temples and know the Lord's work takes place within them and that because of these special and sacred ordinances, we can return to Him someday and be with Him and our families forever! Here is a picture of my family, some immediate and extended, when we went to the openhouse of the Rexburg Temple.

Visit HERE for more information about temples. Visit HERE or HERE to know more about the Church & gospel.

Thanks so much to my friend, Stephanie Fantasia, who put a lot of work into writing the above information about the Rexburg temple, and for her letting me post it on my blog.

Rexburg Idaho Temple Celebration!

This post is a little late, but I couldn't not mention it! On Feb. 9, the night before the Rexburg Idaho Temple dedication, a Cultural Celebration was held in the Hart Auditorium. It was amazing! And I was lucky enough to be a part of it. There was a lot of singing (I was in the choir), dancing, cheering, acting and fun! There was also a lot of historic video and stories ranging from those who settled the valley to those who endured the flood and many other historic events--overall, it told the story of the Upper Snake River Valley. Elder Bednar, Elder Nelson and Elder Costa were there, which added so much. President Monson and President Eyring were both supposed to be there, but as most of you know, President Eyring broke a bone in his ankle, and President Monson's plans had changed and he wasn't able to come until Sunday. So that was kind of disappointing, but the show still went on! It was amazing to see the beginnings of this valley that they almost gave up on, abundant with wind, cold, dirt, lava rock. A few of those unwanted traits still exist :), but this valley has divinely transformed and now welcomes a temple on the hill. The whole night was exactly what it was intended to be--a celebration. If you weren't able to attend, you can search it on YouTube--it's not nearly as amazing, but you'll be able to get a glimpse. :) The spirit was so strong, I totally lost it at the very end when we were singing The Spirit of God and all the little kids in white were "coming toward the temple." I was so blessed to be a part of this. It is definitely something I will never forget!

Monday, February 18, 2008

I've been tagged!

My first blog tagging--how special. :) Thanks, Mel and Michelle! So here it goes...

LOVEY DOVEY (about your husband)

What is your husband’s name?
Adam Roger Ririe

How long have you been together?
Including dating, 3 1/2 years.

How long did you date?
For eight months (August 2004-April 2005)and then were engaged for four months (May-August 2005).

Who eats more?
Probably Adam.

Who said I love you first?
I did, actually--half jokingly, but Adam said it back and then it just stuck from there on out. :)

Who is taller?
Adam, by about four inches.

Who has more speeding tickets?
Neither of us has ever gotten a speeding ticket--cool, huh?

Who is smarter?
It depends. If you looked at our grades, it would be me hands down. Adam is smart, but doesn't enjoy school much. He is also really street smart.

Who is more sensitive?
Haha, funny. I'll let you guys take a wild guess on this one. But just a hint: I have never seen Adam cry, and he probably can't count how many times he's seen me cry--I'm not totally unstable, just sensitive!

Who does the laundry?
We both do, whoever has time.

Who does the dishes?
The dishwasher. :)

Who sleeps on the right?

Who pays the bills?
I do. Even though Adam is the Econ graduate, I take care of almost all of the finances--go figure.

Who mows the lawn?
Right now, the Grounds crew at our complex. Some day when we have a lawn to mow, I'm sure Adam will. Then some day when we have old enough kids, we'll make them do it!

Who cooks dinner?
Adam, mostly. I cook when I can, but he's home more than I am--and he's a good cook.

Who drives when you are together?
When we are driving around town, we take turns. On longer trips, usually Adam.

Who is more stubborn?
You can't make me answer this question! Hehe, I'm so funny. :) But honestly, I'd like to think we're equally easy-going.

Who asked who out first?
Adam asked me.

Who proposed?
Me, actually--long, cute story!

Who has more siblings?
Me--I have two and Adam has one.

I’m tagging whoever would like to be tagged!