Thursday, October 24, 2013

We love fall!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Reese is 1!!!

Took this little babe in for her 1-year appointment last week, which she thoroughly enjoyed right up until being poked repeatedly in her chunky thighs, the poor thing. She drown her sorrows in some stair-climbing afterward. :) Stats: 22.5 pounds (72% ile) and 28.8 inches (37%ile)--we love our short little chunk!

Some of her cute things right now:
--Waving hi and bye
--High fiving
--Attempts to comb her hair and put on sunglasses and bows
--Closing doors
--Saying, "That?"
--Her nervous hand movements when around new people :)
--Walking along everything, just not walking! Her chubby legs just get tired too easily, I guess!

We LOVE this girl! She is so easy to love!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

9 months old!

(This is the best 9-month shot I could get--suuuuper snotty and miserable, thanks to cousin Easter germs!)

Can you believe this little gal is 9 months old? We barely can. Time flies with these little adorable people!

19.6 pounds (65%ile)
27.5 inches (49%ile)
17.8-inch head (81%ile)

What she's up to:
--being stinkin' cute
--waving hi and bye, when she feels like it
--pulling up onto her knees
--saying "Dada," but making absolutely no attempt at "Mama"
--crawling like she's got places to be
--still putting herself to sleep and sleeping for 12+ hours

Sunday, February 03, 2013

We have a FOUR-year-old!

Our little Beckster turned 4 on Tuesday! I cannot believe I have a 4-year-old, that is so old! And so, so fun.

We LOVE. this. boy! He is everything we ever wished for-- fun, loveable, sweet, energetic, tender, silly, bright, excitable and stinkin' adorable. He and Reese are the best things that have ever happened to us.

His 4-year-old self loves:
His daddy
Sleeping in the "big bed"
Playing tag
His "action boots"
"Comfy" pants
Being a big brother

The poor kid spent his actual birthday in the doctor's office, with RSV. It was definitely not the funnest birthday on record, but we did buy him an awesome McQueen car for being such a trooper while he was sick. And he is having some belated celebrations this week now that he is better, so his birthday gets to be like two weeks long, lucky kid!

At the doc office on his b-day...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What little Reese is up to

So I realized that even more important than stats is what little babes are up to in life, so here are a few quick things on what our little Reesie-poo (we cannot help calling her that, it just comes out!) is up to:

--Dang happy. This girl really is just a happy little gal, always just hanging out, smiling and content unless she needs something.
--Sits up by herself for probably about 1 minute or so before she tips over, depending on her attempted adventures in that 60 seconds. ;)
--Puts herself to sleep! Yes, this girl thankfully didn't end up with her brother's sleeping habits. From just a couple months old, she has fallen asleep on her own, when she's not too wound up. Lately teething has interfered with that (no teeth yet, but lots of working on it), but in general she is ridiculously easier than Beck was even when he was three times her age, so we are happy!
--Basically sleeps through the night, since about 3 months. I say basically because we still have to get up and put her paci in usually a few times a night. Probably going to start making her crying it out soon but haven't come to that yet.
--Rolls all over. And attempts to bend her chubby legs to crawl. It's super cute.
--Is a great eater! She loves rice cereal, sweet potatoes and squash thus far. Again, thankfully different than her bro at this. ;) Beck, ever since we started him on solids at 5 months, would get frustrated and spit out his food. We seriously had to teach that kid to swallow. Reese at 6 months is actually almost better than Beck is right now... Now if she can just turn out as fun, energetic, and as great of a talker as Beck, she will literally be the perfect child to us! Haha
--Is a jumping fool. This girl goes. to. town. in her Johnny Jumper! Beck always just kind of hung out in it, but she goes crazy, jumping as if her little life depended on it! So funny to watch. I'm uploading a little video here, but it really doesn't do it justice (dang kids and their fascination with cameras!) but she is still just cute. :)

--Little bit of crazy. Reese is no Beckster, craziness-level-wise, but she definitely has some crazy to her. Like, when she is restless, she has to be shaken to sleep (don't report me, we don't shake, shake her!). Everybody thinks I'm crazy when I tell them this, but babysit my kids and you will soon discover it for yourself (Brittany knows!). And when she is on the changing table, she kicks like a bucking bronco. And after she has been in her jumper, she does gyrations all day long! Whenever she is crazy we say she is "channeling Beck," haha.
--Kicks her feet together constantly. For this reason I have to pull up her socks about 10 times a day--I need to invest in some baby soccer socks!
--Loooves the "Zumba song." So a couple months after Reese was born I started doing Zumba (until the holidays rolled around...). Anyway, one night I was being silly to make Beck feel better about something, and did a little Zumba move while boom-ba-da-booming this Zumba song. Beck and Reese both loved it, and now whenever Reese is upset, I sing that song and it calms her down. She absolutely loves it. I will do it when she's not upset sometimes, and she instantly turns and finds me wherever I am and beams a huge smile. Cuteness!
--Shares mutual adoration with her older brother. They are in love with each other! Beck thinks she is the cutest thing in the whole world, and Reese thinks he is the funniest person ever. It's adorable to witness!
--Growing up too fast! We had Beck at the end of January (yes, he will be FOUR next week!), so the first few months of his life were pretty non-busy, cooped up in our little apartment during the winter, followed by the slow-going spring and early summer months. But a July baby is totally different. Once you get the hang of things after the first couple of months, before you know it is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, add a 3-year-old brother to the mix--and your baby is 6 months old! It has seriously flown by!

She is the perfect addition to our family. We just love her and her sweetness!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Reese's 6-month stats!

Forgot to post Reese's 6-month stats! Her Mammaw (who is a godsend and is here taking care of us post-surgery) was nice enough to take her to her appointment since I was drugged and out of commission. ;) Oh, p.s. I had surgery on my nose one week ago today. Nothing super serious, I've just never been able to breathe well out of it (deviated septum), so we decided to get it taken care of since we had already hit our max-out-of-pocket expenses with Reese. Anyway, the stats!

(I haven't taken any 6-month pictures yet since the surgery, but here is a cute one of her just a few days before her 6-month b-day.)

Weight: 16.2 pounds (56%) Height: 25.8 inches (52%) Head: 17.3 inches (86%) She's teenier than Beck by 4 pounds at that age, but has the same body-to-head ratio, haha. Means they're smart, right? ;)

Two posts in 2013 already, I'm on a roll!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Blogger app test on my SIII!

Just typed up a whole post on my phone and, of course, it got deleted! Seems to happen every freaking time! I guess this is how my mom feels when "the internet erased everything!" Except that mine literally was erased and cannot be saved by an Edit, Undo. Lol, love my cute little mom.
So now I'm too impatient to poke out another post, and too tired to go do it on an actual computer.  So in summary: I discovered something about myself--I am not an iPhone person! It was pretty and fast but not for me. Enter Samsung Galaxy SIII--life. changed. Love it!
One sad thing about the Android world, though, is that its Blogger app stinks for some reason. And since that is honestly the only hope for my blogging life, it's easy to see why I almost literally never blog. BUT I am going to give it another try! So here we go:
Me lately.
Reese lately.
Beck lately.
Adam lately.
Hope this works and that you all are doing well!