Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Reese's 6-month stats!

Forgot to post Reese's 6-month stats! Her Mammaw (who is a godsend and is here taking care of us post-surgery) was nice enough to take her to her appointment since I was drugged and out of commission. ;) Oh, p.s. I had surgery on my nose one week ago today. Nothing super serious, I've just never been able to breathe well out of it (deviated septum), so we decided to get it taken care of since we had already hit our max-out-of-pocket expenses with Reese. Anyway, the stats!

(I haven't taken any 6-month pictures yet since the surgery, but here is a cute one of her just a few days before her 6-month b-day.)

Weight: 16.2 pounds (56%) Height: 25.8 inches (52%) Head: 17.3 inches (86%) She's teenier than Beck by 4 pounds at that age, but has the same body-to-head ratio, haha. Means they're smart, right? ;)

Two posts in 2013 already, I'm on a roll!


Ashley said...

My deviated septum is so jealous right now. Good for you! Let me know what it feels like to breath out of your nose!

Ps your daughter is gorgeous. I love little baby girl clothes.