Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween with Buzz Lightyear!

Happy Halloween, everybody! I'm going to hurry and post before an excuse comes up not to, so here I go!

Pre-Halloween: We grew our own pumpkins this year! SO fun! I think we're going to do it every year. We got a bunch of medium-sized white pumpkins, and a lot of ornamental, tiny-sized white and orange pumpkins. Then we got one weird alien pumpkin that sucked all the nutrients from the other ones, haha. There were a ton of blossoms, but only one actual gigantic pumpkin. Kinda creepy, but Halloween-appropriate!

Halloween carnival: Our local elementary school has an annual little Halloween carnival type thing we attended for the first time this year, and loved it! So fun and affordable and enjoyable for the whole fam! For $5 worth of "punches" Beck got to play at least 10 games and we all got bowls of yummy chili. Fun and frugal= my favorite!

Walgreens photo and park photoshoot: We went to Walgreens for a quick free photo, and then while waiting for Adam to get off work, went to the park to snap some pics, or at least attempt to. It turned into a wrestling match, as do most activities involving this certain 2-year-old now a'days...

Actual Halloween: We went trick-or-treating with the Talbots and had a blast! This was the first year Beck has been able to go, since he was sick last year. And it was Blake's first year as well, so it was extra fun and special! Beck always has a natural high (even pre-candy!), so he was a few feet ahead of us the whole time. He got so excited at each door, and couldn't believe complete strangers were just giving him candy--amazing! ;) It was so fun to watch the little boys trick-or-treat together! They got the hang of it really quickly, and were so sweet and polite--besides Blake stealing multiple pieces of extra candy from each house... ;) After making the rounds in our neighorhood (at least 30+ houses!), we were all tuckered out and freezing. So we came back to our place and ate snacks and watched football and Ghost Hunters with some friends, and then called it a night. Whew, what a Halloween!