Monday, February 28, 2011

Beckster's 2nd birthday!

Yes, our little boy is 2!!! Well, he's been 2 for almost a month now, but you know how keeping up on blogging goes... ;) Here is a little rundown of our favorite little 2-year-old's big day:

The last pictures ever of him as a 1-year-old! (He was tired and just wanted to go to sleep...)

We let Beck open a couple presents right when he woke up, and then apparently we let him eat a cupcake for breakfast... I don't remember this, haha.

Then Lindsay took him on a little date and made him a real breakfast at her place!

Adam is officially the best Dad ever--he made Beck's tractor cake! We just baked two loaf pans of cake, and Adam took off from there. (I made the frosting and actual cake--does that count for something?)

Overall it was a fun party! It was a tractor theme, with green and yellow everywhere. We played Pin the Tail on the Tractor, had cake and ice cream, opened presents and then played with little farm bins (containers filled with rice and fun farm animals and tractors). I think everybody's favorite was the bins! The kids went absolutely crazy with the rice, it was really fun. Thank goodness, because it took me like 45 minutes to vacuum afterward, haha. I only wish our house was big enough to fit ALL of the people we wanted to invite! Here are a ton of pictures with all of that. :)

Yay! Happy birthday, our wonderful little dude!