Friday, January 22, 2010

Beck saying "hi"!

A cute little video of Beck saying "hi" (after his mini tantrum...)! Or at least it totally sounds like it--caught me off guard! Sorry for the nakedness, I wasn't originally planning on posting this, but it was just too cute. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back up and running + BECK IS BASICALLY WALKING!

Thanks to Adam's dad (thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you), we have a new desktop computer! Going two months basically without one was not fun! But we are getting back up and running now! Our netbook (mini laptop) wasn't fast enough to load any pictures onto, so there is a ton to catch up on. But first things first: BECK IS BASICALLY WALKING! It's just in short spurts, and usually when we start him off, but still--he walks! Here's a cute little video.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Beck + his walker = so cute!

Beck lately

I love this kid. In just the last few weeks, he has turned into such a little boy. He's never been very "baby-like" but he's seemed especially grown up lately! He's into everything and fascinated by anything. It's so fun to watch him grow and learn, to see him discover new things and figure out situations. So I've been horrible at updates on milestones, but here's a rough overview:

First plane ride
Pulls up on things

9-month stats: 23.7 pounds (87%), 30 inches (93%) and 19-inch head circ. (99%) :), two teeth, with more about to cut through
First really bad sickness
Dances to music (so cute)
Turns pages of books
Scoots down off of bed/lap/couch
Top two middle teeth cut through
Will actually fall asleep in his carseat now
Sits up from laying
Bends down from standing to get things
Crawls on knees (he loved army crawling before!)

Climbs stairs
Favorite book: Clifford's Bathtime
Knows what "no" means, and throws subsequent mini tantrums :)
Growls (yep--it's pretty funny!)
Two more teeth in (six total)
Dove off changing table head first, trying to touch his favorite lamp (he's ok!)
Drew with crayon on paper (left-handed?)
Met Santa
First Christmas
Discovered how to flush a toilet

January (so far):
Two more teeth in (eight total)
Haircut #2 (about 2 inches' worth)
Walks with walker (cutest and funniest thing ever)
"Races" up the stairs
Loooves climbing the stairs
Opens doors and cupboards
Turns lights on/off

A few other things he's developed somewhere along the way:
Loooooves balloons. He seriously freaks out when he sees one--he doesn't even do that for me! (See post below.)
Tries to crush things, even completely solid things (I don't know why!), and makes the funniest frustrated noise while doing so.
"Handicapped head shake": called that because the first time he did it was a few hours after he hit his head really hard, in Adam's care!)--I'll have to get a video of it. He still does this when he's really sleepy, or goofy, or frustrated, or when we prompt him. :)
Suicide trick: I don't even know why he started doing this, but whenever he's on our shoulders, he throws himself backward. And he'll do it over and over again. It's hilarious. And he loves it for some reason! Guess he's a thrill-seeker.
Man child: He is so tough! He's always been strong and built, but it's been even more amazing lately now that he's into everything (and thus falling, bonking and scraping more), how tough he really is--nothing seems to hurt him much.
(Ok, those last three things make us sound like we just let him go wild and hurt himself all the time! We're safe parents, we promise!)
Friendlist baby ever. This kid absolutely loves people. Whenever anyone enters the room (be they baby or adult) he gets so excited and wants to play with them. Of course he has his select favorites :) , but he loves everyone. Even though he can't walk or speak yet, he is so outgoing. Sounds funny saying that about a baby, but it's true!
Happiest baby ever: He is constantly smiling and laughing and playing. All bias aside, I really don't think I've ever seen a happier baby! He definitely has his moments, and is naturally dramatic, but even then, usually five seconds of attention cheers him up.
He's the best!

It's already 1 a.m., and I'm too tired to coordinate these pictures with the appropriate milestones, so I'll let you work it all out. :) Sorry, they're all somewhat crappy phone pics.

Beck and balloons!