Monday, August 31, 2009

Bare-chested and seven months old!

I just had to post a few cute pics from the other day. We were in Idaho Falls when Beck pooed and it got on his onesie. I didn't have an extra one on me (his diapers pretty much never leak), so he went bare-chested. Thankfully he had shorts on, so it wasn't completely ghetto, just a little redneck. ;)

It was also funny because it was on his seven-month birthday, and these are the only pictures I took of him all day--bare-chested and crazy! :)
Don't you love his camo hat too? Adam is very proud of it. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

$25 in free groceries @ Albertson's, through today (Tuesday)!

It's true! And amazing! And really easy! Just go to Albertson's and get a copy of their ad (usually in the front entryway, but if not just ask for one at the Customer Service desk). Buy $25 in participating items, and at the register it will print out a $5 Albertson's voucher and a Kraft rebate form. So you pay the $25 up front, but as long as you use the voucher (within two weeks) and submit the rebate, you get it all back! Let me know if you have any questions, or just ask an employee--they are generally really nice and helpful.
Fyi, the $5 Albertson's voucher is one per transaction, and the $20 Kraft rebate is one per household/address. (I did it twice, for me and my parents, so there's $50 worth of food shown in the pic, not $25.)

Yay for free food! :)