Friday, August 27, 2010

Typing test results--you'd think I would blog more!

One of my hidden talents (maybe my only one!) is that I'm a pretty decent typer! I guess I just must have naturally inherited it from my mom or something, because in 6th grade I typed 93 words per minute and got in trouble by my teacher because he thought I somehow cheated. I took a test in front of him to sort things out. Ha. With how fast I type, you'd think I would be a better blogger! ;)

125 words

Typing Speed Test

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Major catch-up: our amazing snowman story

Wahoo, all this talk of Christmas and snow in August makes me somewhat excited for fall and winter coming up!
So, back on New Year's Day of this year, there was an amazing snowfall! And to make it even more amazing, like no one in the world was in town because it was still Christmas break and all the students were gone. So, one of my bestest friends, Lindsay, had the wonderful idea to make a snowman in the parking lot of her complex! It was the ideal snowman-making environment: a thick, fresh blanket of snow in an empty parking lot. And our apartment was like around the corner from hers, so I drove on over (I can't really remember why I even drove...) and we got to work! Here is our snowman's amazing journey...
Oh, and p.s., this was at like midnight or something crazy, so it made it that much more fun. :)
Very excited!
Lindsay blessing the snowman parts or something... :)
Our snow fossil!!!!

Our finished little snowman!
Nice profile shot. ;)

He looks so peaceful and happy... until...

The freaking snow-plow man ran over and destroyed him!!! Even though he was right up against the light post (on purpose!) and wasn't in anybody's way. A life cut short! *sigh* But we had so much fun! It was still totally worth it, even if just for the few hours he did exist. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Major catch-up: Christmas

It's Christmas in August, haha. I'm continuing my extreme blog catch-up! Christmas was awesome. We had kind of three celebrations. First we had our own little Christmas here with just us, which was cute and fun. Beck loved the Christmas tree and the presents, and all the attention. :) And Adam did a great job and got me a Willowtree figure and a cute diaper bag and purse.

Then we headed to Boise for a week. We stayed in a hotel and did some major vegging and relaxing--it was wonderful! We also had fun shopping, bargaining with a little 10-year-old girl to go in on a purchase with me to get Beck a stuffed Nemo (it ended up being a hilarious story, and kind of pathetic in the end, but a much better deal for both of us!), getting Beck's picture taken with Santa (of whom he was a huge fan, just look at that pic!) and hanging out with family and friends. Beck got a sweet wooden airplane and a personalized rocking chair from his grandparents.

We were also lucky enough to have Adam's dad, Josh, Grandma Billie and Aunt Rebecca come visit us in Rexburg! We usually all meet up in Utah, so it was fun to have them come visit our neck of the woods. :) We had a really good time together, and Beck got a sweet little plastic wagon thingy from his grandpa he immediately fell in love with (and is still a huge fan of).