Sunday, August 22, 2010

Major catch-up: our amazing snowman story

Wahoo, all this talk of Christmas and snow in August makes me somewhat excited for fall and winter coming up!
So, back on New Year's Day of this year, there was an amazing snowfall! And to make it even more amazing, like no one in the world was in town because it was still Christmas break and all the students were gone. So, one of my bestest friends, Lindsay, had the wonderful idea to make a snowman in the parking lot of her complex! It was the ideal snowman-making environment: a thick, fresh blanket of snow in an empty parking lot. And our apartment was like around the corner from hers, so I drove on over (I can't really remember why I even drove...) and we got to work! Here is our snowman's amazing journey...
Oh, and p.s., this was at like midnight or something crazy, so it made it that much more fun. :)
Very excited!
Lindsay blessing the snowman parts or something... :)
Our snow fossil!!!!

Our finished little snowman!
Nice profile shot. ;)

He looks so peaceful and happy... until...

The freaking snow-plow man ran over and destroyed him!!! Even though he was right up against the light post (on purpose!) and wasn't in anybody's way. A life cut short! *sigh* But we had so much fun! It was still totally worth it, even if just for the few hours he did exist. :)


shauna said...

that was a little mean to just plow over something that obviously took time and effort. they could've at least waited a week or so.

Steve and Allison said...

i totally got chills reading this. SNOW?!? NOT YET!! bahahahahaha