Monday, November 26, 2012

New iPhone Blogger app test! ;)

I just entered the world of iPhones! I am loving it so far and hoping its Blogger app will also not disappoint, so here is a test run! Some pics from our Thanksgiving trip to Boise:

Friday, November 02, 2012

Some videos!

Things are fun and crazy over here, and it seems like my absolute last priority is blogging! So, in summation of our lives recently, here are a few videos!

Beck riding his bike for the first time! Isn't he doing good?!

Adam finishing his first marathon! (I had been waiting at the finish line with the kids for about an hour and a half, watching anxiously literally about every single second, but the one time I got down to talk to Beck and tell him to stop freaking out, and that we could go pet everyone's puppies after Daddy finished--of course Adam came down the finish line right then, so I barely saw him! But at least we saw him!)

Lindsay's surprise visit! She came to Utah (from California) to see her brother who was getting a double-lung transplant, but because she had the teensiest cold, they wouldn't let her see him. Which is super sad, BUT it means she got to come visit us instead! We didn't tell Beck, so this is is Lindsay pulling up to our house!

Reese talking and being cute. I think this was when she was about 2 or 3 months old (our dumb video camera's date/time got off somehow).

Beck being a rock star. :) p.s. No clue where he learned this from, he's just naturally cool, I guess. Haha. I got him this little guitar at D.I. and he was soooo excited. Then he was playing with his dump truck Tonka toy that plays rock music when you press a certain button, and he put those two things together and was on top of the world! ;)

Reese "singing." One of the cutest things I will ever witness in my life! The last week or so, whenever we sing, she gets super excited and wide-eyed and starts "singing" with us. This video doesn't totally do it justice because I had already sang her a few songs, but it's still flippin' cute!

Oh, and here is a recent fam pic while I'm at it!