Friday, August 27, 2010

Typing test results--you'd think I would blog more!

One of my hidden talents (maybe my only one!) is that I'm a pretty decent typer! I guess I just must have naturally inherited it from my mom or something, because in 6th grade I typed 93 words per minute and got in trouble by my teacher because he thought I somehow cheated. I took a test in front of him to sort things out. Ha. With how fast I type, you'd think I would be a better blogger! ;)

125 words

Typing Speed Test


Sommer said...

Why you are so fast! I only type 70 words a minute =) That was a really fun test to take.

Gordon & Julie Bird Blog said...

I know you, Kathyrn Williams, and typing is NOT your only talent. You have so many, they are brimming over.
I'm glad you are so happy in your life and share it on your blog:)

Kimberly Miller said...

Ok, i just tried it and i only got 33 words per minute. i am very impressed. :)

mcewen16 said...

Dang! You're the only one I've met who has a faster score than me! Now that I'm out of practice from not working with my business writing at Micron, I'm sure my score has slipped, too, otherwise, I would totally take this as a challenge! My last test score was 109. Close, but you still beat me! Way to be! 125 is like LIGHTNING speed! Most clerical jobs only require 40 wpm or thereabouts. You could be 3 receptionists!