Saturday, January 05, 2013

Blogger app test on my SIII!

Just typed up a whole post on my phone and, of course, it got deleted! Seems to happen every freaking time! I guess this is how my mom feels when "the internet erased everything!" Except that mine literally was erased and cannot be saved by an Edit, Undo. Lol, love my cute little mom.
So now I'm too impatient to poke out another post, and too tired to go do it on an actual computer.  So in summary: I discovered something about myself--I am not an iPhone person! It was pretty and fast but not for me. Enter Samsung Galaxy SIII--life. changed. Love it!
One sad thing about the Android world, though, is that its Blogger app stinks for some reason. And since that is honestly the only hope for my blogging life, it's easy to see why I almost literally never blog. BUT I am going to give it another try! So here we go:
Me lately.
Reese lately.
Beck lately.
Adam lately.
Hope this works and that you all are doing well!


Haylee said...

We are not iPhone/Apple people either. Owen has the SIII and work pays for it, I'm too cheap to fork over the money for a smart phone & data plan otherwise I would totally have one too!!! Sorry the Blogger app sucks. It doesn't seem much better with Apple stuff (Owen got me an ipod touch for Christmas so I've been testing it out some). The good news for you is that you should be able to use the voice option and just say your whole post into the phone, add pictures, make sure nothing crazy came up when you said what you wanted to say and post it! I love the voice to text on the SIII!!

And...I hope you get feeling better! Looks like you're a bit under the weather.

Tina Crowther said...

Your baby is so cute! Love her! Good luck with blogging. I think you should. I like to read them!