Friday, June 27, 2008

We still had fun--go American Idol!

I know, it's a little pathetic that I'm averaging every other post being about American Idol, but I had to post a few pics of our awesome Idol parties!

First night

Kelsi and I picking up our cool shirts before the party. :) We were afraid the lady making them would think we were a weirdo (well, she still probably did), but she ended up being a huge Idol fan too and we ended up having like a 20-minute conversation about Idol and how much we love it. :)

Aren't we so cool? :)

The whole gang!

Our American Idol ice cream we drove all over town to find!

Gettin' a little crazy...

Nervous for the show!

He did amazing!

Time to vote! And vote we did--about 1,500 votes combined!

Second night

So nervous for the results! It's all we talked about at work all day. :)

We all had something going on when the finale actually aired, so Kelsi Tivo'd it and we watched it a few hours later. In order to avoid texts and calls giving away the results, we all turned off and abandoned our phones!

The final results being announced--very depressing and wrong. :)

Even though we were sad at the results, we had so much fun!


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Greg and Michelle said...

So funny! Not the results, but the post! I am totally on your side!

Chuey&Chu said...

Fun times! I love the shirts!

kali said...

This post just about cracked me up!!!

Rodney&Sara+3 said...

I saw a link to your blog on my sister Lacey's website and thought your name sounded familiar. Turns out I don't know you :), but I had to comment on your blog anyway, because I am a huge American Idol fan also. I also TiVo'd AI because I was doing Activity Days with my daughters that night, but when I got home and watched it, to my complete and utter astonishment, the TiVo cut off right as Ryan Seacrest was saying, "The 2008 American Idol is David...." and that was where it stopped. I almost woke up my kids with my frustration. I didn't get to find out until about 2 days later when the website was finally updated. I agree David Archuleta should have won, on the merits of his version of "Imagine" alone.

Also, congratulations on your new calling, and your husband's. Wow!! You must be great people (well, you are Lacey's friends, so it's kind of a given). You'll be doubly blessed!