Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Archuleta should have won

I am so angry at America right now! Although David Cook is awesome, David Archuleta overall totally deserved to win. This is just wrong.

Did Simon praise David A. too much on Tuesday, and his voters got overconfident?

Was Simon so harsh on David C. on Tuesday that his fans freaked and voted like there was no tomorrow?

I don't know. But I do know that America got this one wrong.

All this being said, I know everything really does happen for a reason and that David Archuleta is amazing and will be successful no matter what.

To add at least a small bit of optimism to this negative post, I will say that we had some totally fun American Idol parties the last two nights, pictures of which I will post when I'm not so bitter.

If you would like to oppose me via a comment, do so at your own risk! I'm very passionate about this topic. :)

I love you all, thanks for letting me vent!


Greg and Sarah Nelson said...

I couldn't agree more! I sat there with my mouth hanging wide open when they announced David Cook! My brother was betting he would win after Simon took back his comments from the night before. He figured that the judges knew ahead of time who won so Simon didn't want to look like an idiot and be completely wrong about who won. Archuleta was the only consistently good contestant! Who knows...maybe there are a lot of rockers voting nowadays. Even though I wanted Archuleta to win, he may not have won too many people over with his awkwardness when doing anything but singing. His singing was awesome, but he always seemed a tad bit uncomfortable when he wasn't singing. Also, maybe people didn't vote for him because of that whole Dad scandal thing and singing a piece of another song that he wasn't supposed to (but I thought the song was awesome!).

Michelle said...

I have to say that I completely disagree with you. I was really excited that David Cook won. I guess my 15 votes counted. David C. is the whole package. He totally deserved to win. David A. is a great singer, but he is so totally boring to watch. Could you imagine going to one of his concerts? How boring would that be!! I think that David Cook was just a consistent as David A. That's why neither one was ever in the bottom 3. Both gave awesome performances through out the competition. I have to also agree with Sarah. David A. Always looked to awkward if he wasn't singing. I do have to disagree with Sarah too. I think Simon apologized because he actually watched the show back and saw he was kind of a jerk. It's not the first time he has apologized for something like that. Anyway Kathryn I send you my condolences, but I really think that the right person won.

The Riries said...

I KNEW you would be the first to give me flack. :) As I was posting last night, Adam was like, "Wow, don't you know Michelle Ramirez is going to try and tear you apart?" I was ready for your criticism! Although you make good points, I still totally disagree with you. :)David Cook is awesome, but his track record was not perfect, and not as good as Archuleta's. Archuleta has been the front-runner since the very beginning, and in the end I think that's what got him, because he's the person we heard most about the entire season, especially the very beginning of it. BORING? Come on, you cannot seriously believe that! He's definitely a different style and doesn't yell and rock out like David C., but that's quite a stretch to call him boring. His music is heartfelt and pure; if anyone considers that boring, they don't have a heart. He's humble and shy, and only 17, and maybe that did make him come across as "awkward" sometimes, but I think it's better than coming off as cocky like Cook managed to do. I don't know what I think about the Simon comment. I can't help but be suspicious. But he still admitted Archuleta did better; he just said that it wasn't "quite so clear cut." All things considered, Archuleta did do better than Cook in his finale performances. That alone should have guaranteed him the win, but it didn't--the right person did not win. Sorry.

Thank goodness we're entitled to our own opinions. :)

Love ya. ;) Glad we can still be friends!

Aaron and Jana said...

i agree with you! but I wouldn't say the "h" word haha!! Anyways..... now that american idol is over maybe you can tell me your story . . . . . . . . or are you waiting to give it to me for my Christmas present! :) Haha! Love ya@

Michelle said...

Oh Kathryn Kathryn Kathryn I have to say that I have to still totally disagree with you. I don't think that David A.'s track record is as clean as you remember. How many times did he forget the lyrics to the songs he was singing? I know it was more than once. Does 3 times ring a bell? And I also think that David A. wasn't always the front runner. At first it was Carly Smithson that was talked about. I think that once she started flopping the focus moved to David A. And the results should be based on the whole season not just the finale. What would be the point of the show if all that counted was the finale? They could just BS their way through all the other weeks just to get to the finale and win. Now I still like David A. and would have been fine if he won, I think what bothers me is that fact that he is so young. I think he needs to grow up a little bit. I really wish him all the success in the world. He is heartfelt and pure, but I can only see him making one kind of record. Do you remember when he tried to sing the Chris Brown song. That was awkward. And why can't he sing with his eyes open? It's hard to connect with an audience if you eyes are closed.

So I also have to just say that it made me laugh that you were expecting flack from me. I was tempted to call you last night, but I thought you might want to be alone.

And yes thank goodness we can have our own opinions and still be good friends!! I love ya girly!!

Greg and Sarah Nelson said...

Yay! I love all the controversy this is bringing up! I'm glad you guys are still friends though. I do like David Cook, but I hated him at first with his greasy hair always hanging everywhere. It looked like he never showered! He started to look much better as the show went on! I could tell that he wanted to talk back to Simon when he totally made him look bad compared to Archuleta on Tuesday night, but he kept his mouth shut and I totally admire him for that. I would have had a hard time not saying something. He actually seems like a pretty sweet guy. And I loved the whole emotion with his brother at the sweet! In reference to Archuleta having his eyes closed, yes...he does look better with them open, but on Tuesday night I totally saw Cook closing his eyes as well! So we can't just blame Archuleta for that. Michelle is right though about the Chris Brown song though...WAY AWKWARD! Although his response to Simon saying his dancing was funny was cute..."I was dancing?" The kid had no idea! However, Archuleta was smart and didn't try to do one of those songs again like other contestants would do because they liked certain types of songs even though they weren't good at singing them. Yes, Archuleta has a certain style that he is stuck with, but so does Cook! I think almost everyone sticks to a certain genre. Archuleta could totally make a CD of all the older classic songs with the little changes that he makes and I would buy it in a heartbeat! The guy is great at making old songs new and interesting!

Caralee said...

All I have to say is you all make me laugh! I love you all have so much passion. I've just never really gotten into Idol too much. I know I'm a dork, maybe i should try getting into idol more.

The Riries said...

Oh Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, I have to say that I have to still totally disagree with you! No, three times of David A. forgetting the lyrics doesn't ring a bell, because you're totally making that up! He forgot the lyrics on "We Can Work It Out." What other two times are you referring to?
Sorry, but it's obvious David A. has always been the front runner, and all the big news sources say so themselves ( , / ). If you recall, Simon labeled David A. as "the one to beat" way back in February, in the second week of the top 24--obviously a front-runner from the beginning.
Carly was in the spotlight only because news broke that she had a previous failed record deal, not because she was a frontrunner.
No one even knew who David Cook was until he sang "Billie Jean," and millions were so amazed at "his" arrangment and what "he did with the song." Funny thing is that it totally wasn't his arrangment at all--it was Chris Cornell's--and he sang it exactly the same, note for note. There's nothing wrong with singing other people's arrangements, but becoming totally popular for people believing it was his amazing musicality that made the song awesome is not right or fair.
I totally agree the results should be based on the season and the finale--that being said, David A. still did better overall on both.
He is really young, and if anything, I think it's even more impressive that he is almost 10 years younger than Cook and has as much, and more, talent than him.
Like Sarah said, David A. only stuck to one type of style, but so did David Cook! Can you see Cook making anything but a rock record? I sure can't.
And, yes, David Cook totally closes his eyes as well! Especially when he does his weird, mouth-wide-open, screaming face. I'd much rather have cute-faced David A. closing his eyes than I-yell-too-much David Cook doing so! At least David A. looks pleasant. :)

Haha, thanks for letting me "be alone" last night. If you would have called, I don't know if we would still be friends. :)

So, you are for Cook; I am for Archuleta. Should we keep going, or have we both made our points? :) Let's agree to disagree! Until next season. :)

Michelle said...

Yes, I do believe that we have both fought a brave fight and we shall have to agree to disagree. Hopefully next season we will agree on the same person and we can gang up on those who don't feel the same as us. Even though we could probably go on back and forth forever about who is better I like you better as a friend. So I am glad that I found a friend who is as obsessed about American Idol as me. And let's just face it just because David A. didn't win doesn't mean he won't be successful. Look at Chris Daughtry for example. He didn't even place in the finale and he is one of the biggest acts to come out of idol. I am sure that when David A. puts out a record it will be a big hit. Oh and can I just say that that last comment was one of the long ones I have seen in blog history. And I am also wondering who was Adam rooting for. Matt just told me that we were dorks.
So in closing I say that I am glad that through all this adversity I am glad that our friendship survived.
Go David Cook!! :o)

The Riries said...

Haha, I do have to agree with Matt--we are dorks (Adam agrees too)! But we're passionate dorks who stand up for our beliefs, and I think that's pretty cool! I'm also so glad that I have a fellow American-Idol obsessed friend!
If nothing else, think of how exciting we've made our little blog world today, with our record-making long posts and zealous arguments. :)
Here's to American Idol season 8, and our withstanding friendship! Go David Cook AND David Archuleta! :)

Michelle said...

Okay so I just want to clarify something so I don't look like an idiot. I put in one of my comments that David A. forgot the lyrics 3 times. I didn't make that up I read it in an article on the internet. It said the songs and that the judges had only mentioned it the one time. So I typed that and then when I was done I went to look for the article, of course I couldn't find it again and then I was going to erase it because I couldn't find the article to back me up. Well I got caught up in the moment and forgot to erase the 3 times part. So if he did or if he didn't it doesn't matter. He rocks either way. :o)

rachel said...

i agree i was very disapointed. i do think that simon said WAY TOO much. if he had called it an even playing field archuleta would have won!

Kathryn said...

Amen Sister! I wanted him to win so bad!!

Huzzey Family said...

Hi Kathryn! I just randomly ran into your blog! I was happy to find it because I was just thinking today how I missed our University ward...and you have everyone on here!! And pretty much I was impressed that you're on David A's side because I am to. After my idol party that night I cried all the way home. I won't get into the disagreement conversation I'm a little late for that...I just felt like that night I broke up with my boyfriend or something! :)
Hope to keep in touch with a bunch of you! We miss you!!
Ben and Tabs

Lindsey said...

if it helps at all, clay aiken, josh gracin, kellie pickler, katherine mcphee, etc... were all runner ups and have all done really well, if not better than the winners of their seasons! he'll do well!

The Merricks said...

I am sorry for your loss Kathryn.

The Webber's said...

Can I just tell you this is quite entertaining for me?! In my opinion, I guessed David C. would would, although David A. is very talented as well. Both are guaranteed record deals no matter where they end. America votes too much by what people look like rather than only their voices. David C. would put on a much more entertaining concert, although I wouldn't hesitate to pick up and purchase David A.'s cd at the store. BOTH are VERY talented but with nerves, song choice, judges comments, and the number of lds and/or teenage girls vs. rocker girls voting - it was going to be close either way. I figure down the road - they both will have succsesful careers - although I don't think America got it wrong because as long as it wasn't the girly faced dreadlocks guy I was happy! :)

Me and My Boys said...

so that day we talked I totally lost you page and just found it you are so cute and funny, looking forward to seeing you on Friday! check our blog out also see ya

david santos said...

Excellent photo!
Thank you

The Fantasias said...

I agree, but only because I wanted to be responsible for successfully guessing another idol. I guessed Kelly, Jordan and Carrie would all be the idols from day one (when the top group was chosen). I also guessed Clay would win, which I was wrong and now I was wrong about this! Bummer! I still like Cook though and agree that he'll probably put on a better show. I do, however, think that David A. seems like a sweeter person. :o)

G.'s Mommy said...

I was wondering how you got your new background to include your "friends and family" list. I tried to put one on my page, but can't get it to leave my lists.

shauna said...

I thought voting for David A 280 was a mark of 'pathetic' but these post have put you and Michelle in a whole new league!! My opinion is this...Simon was the kiss of death for David A. Over praising David A made it to where Cook fans panicked. It happens all the time in American Idol and unfortunately it happened at the finale. I do think that Cook has more of the American Idol lifestyle though. He will fit into the celebrity lifestyle much easier than David A (and that is a good thing in my opinion). The few times I watched I felt that Cook was better at the performing but that Archuleta is just a better singer. His voice is so clear and perfect in pitch. In fact, when he sang at the result show with the original artist (I don't know who it was but it was the song about apologizes) Ben and I thought Archuleta was 100 times better than the original artist!! So, Archuleta is a better singer-hands down. But, Cook will play the celebrity part better. I do think the voting was off because Simon was so critical of Cook. You guys are funny though. I can't believe how passionate you both are about this.