Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm still alive, and I've been tagged!

I can't believe it's been like three weeks since I last posted--such a slacker! I'll post some more this weekend hopefully (maybe even our proposal story, Jana!), but here is at least a little tag for now!

A - ADVOCATE FOR: Kindness, humor, independence, family, music, hard work, animals
B - BEST FEATURE: Adam says my smile
C - CAR OF MY DREAMS: A brand-new Camry or Accord--nothing too fancy, but really nice and cute!
D - DREAMS & DESIRES: To live a happy and rewarding life, which includes raising a good family, experiencing life and hopefully making a difference along the way
E - ESSENTIAL ITEMS: Adam, scriptures, contacts, chapstick, clothing, food, music
F - FAMILY: Dad and Mom (Carl and Vicki); one brother, Tim, and his wife Aimee and their cute son Jared; and one sister, Elizabeth, and her husband Alex--love them!
G - GREAT PLACES TO EAT: Bajio, Pita Pit, Fazoli's, Craigo's, Dairy Queen, The Backyard, Bellagio Buffet, Panda Express, Merritt's
H - HAVE NEVER: Smoked, drank or seen any Star Wars or Lord of the Rings movies (not that I think they're as bad as smoking or drinking or anything!)
I - IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS, I WOULD: Pay off school loans, pay off my family's debts, donate to the Church and to other worthy charities, and of course do a little something for ourselves as well, like buy a nice house and another car :)
J - JUNKIE FOR: Puppies and card games!
K - KINDRED SPIRIT: Definitely my sister, and Elise! And some of my cousins!
L - LITTLE-KNOWN FACTS: Hmmm... I proposed to Adam; I minored and music and was the principal clarinetist in the BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra; Adam and I are both kind of obssessive compulsive about cleaning and organizing :); I type 120 wpm; I spoke at my graduation; Adam and I love watching college football
M - MEMORABLE MOMENT: Getting engaged, and married!
N - NEVER AGAIN WILL I: Play Settlers of Catan ;)
O - OCCASIONAL INDULGENCE: DQ Peanut Buster Parfait, or anything from Cold Stone
P - PROFESSION: Account Adminstration Team Leader at Yellowstone Hotel Systems
Q - QUOTE: "Things turn out best for those who make the best out of the way things turn out"
R - REASONS TO SMILE: Family, friends, the gospel, puppies, country music!
S - SOME OF MY PAST JOBS: Cold Stone Creamery, supervisor and cake manager; R.A. at Perkins Hall (how I met Adam); EFY counselor; BYU-Idaho Comm Department student secretary; editor for Scroll
T - TAG SOME FRIENDS: Anybody who wants to, or can't think of anything else to put on their blog :)
U - UNINTERESTED IN: Art museums (sorry!), rap music, NASCAR (sorry, honey)
V - VERY SCARED OF: Losing a family member, the dark, spiders
W - WORST HABIT: I asked Adam and he refused to say anything (smart man!), but I would have to say it is hitting my snooze button like 10 times every morning :)
X - X MARKS MY IDEAL VACATION SPOT: Ometepe Island, Nicaragua--an amazing little island we got to visit when picking my brother up off of his mission--it's so peaceful and absolutely beautiful!
Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Virgo, so these are supposedly my traits: analytical/critical, precise, orderly, practical, intelligent, responsible, perfectionist, witty, conservative, polite, hygienic, reserved/cool

Yay, so there's a little bit about me!


shauna said...

That was so fun/cute to read! I agree with Adam about your smile. It is not only a great smile but you are always smiling which makes those around you smile. You proposed to Adam? Have you made a post about that story?

Jeremy and Sarah said...

You'll never play Settlers again? That is the saddest thing I've heard all week. Is it really that bad? Which version did you play? If its gonna be fun, you need to include the expansions.

birchfam said...

Hey guys!
Yeah, we just barely moved to st. anthony, but we are hoping to move back to rexburg before too long.
How are you doing? We would love to have dinner with you on the 18th!!! what time and what can we bring?
See you soon!

Kadie said...

you were such a cute little kid Kathryn!

KALI said...

Hey how are you, I love how under essential items you put Adam. I am glad you have a blog I can check out.