Saturday, April 12, 2008

What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas--it goes on our blog!

Yay for vacations! Las Vegas was awesome, and we're so glad and grateful we were able to go. We went with my parents and then met my sister and brother-in-law in Salt Lake on the way back, so even more than seeing all the sites, it was fun to be with family. I decided the best way to share our Vegas experience was through pictures/captions, and a few highlights and lowlights. :)

Top 7 (we couldn't decide on just five!):
1. Cirque du Soleil's "O" show
2. Bellagio Buffet
3. Hoover Dam/Lake Mead
4. 75-80 degree weather
5. Beautiful red rock and mountains
6. The Strip
7. The Rat Pack performance

Bottom 5:
1. Blisters on my feet (four hours of walking on the strip!)
2. Scantily clothed women everywhere
3. Sleeping on a hide-a-bed
4. Traffic
5. Paradise Buffet (gross--we learned our lesson and went to the Bellagio Buffet!)


Lindsey said...

thanks! i'm so glad too! but i was roommates with ashly our freshman year and almost sophomore, so we've stayed pretty tight. your vegas trip looks way fun... i can't wait to go on trips this summer, and get out of provo! what's your address? we'll send you an announcement!

Elise said...

So fun!!! I'm glad you included the picture of your parents at the slot machines.

Kadie said...

It looks like you guys had tons of fun! And kudos for driving all the way there!

Keri said...

I want to go to Vegas now, your pictures look like you had so much fun!!!

Kristen and Shawn said...

i am not much for some of the clothing in vegas either, but i have to agree some of the buffets are great. Shawn's sister always takes us to one when we go to Vegas.

rachel said...

wow it looks like such a nice trip. Its so nice to get away now and then.

Cheney's said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast!!! I can't wait until Brian and I get a vacation. :) How are things in Rexburg? I miss you guys already, but I must admit that I really don't miss the weather...It's awesome in Huntington. (perfect weather!!!)

Fragmentadora de Papel said...
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Anonymous said...

So cute

Soon-to-be Amanda and Andy Yeaman! said...

I love seeing all your pictures! When I come visit I'll have to see them all first hand! I'm so excited for summertime, you and Adam are going to have to play with Andy and me! It's so cute, Andy was talking to me the other day about how when we get married we probably won't really have any typical "married friends" that we always hang out with, and then he said, "Well, except maybe Kathryn and Adam. I like them." I thought it was cute :)

The Merricks said...

I ate all your hotpockets...They were delicious! It was good to see you guys! Come Again!!!

G.'s Mommy said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! I love road trips, especially with family!

The Fantasias said...

Yay! Vegas! I love Vegas, except for the "scantily clothed" and not-so-clothed-at-all women. LOL. I have been there a billion times. Did you do the Nascar coaster on the strip? Or the rides on the Stratosphere? Or the NY NY rollercoaster? Well, the Nascar one is the best and the best buffet I have been to in Vegas was at Mandaly Bay in the newer addition, but Bellagio is yummy too. Did you go to the shark reefs at Mandalay bay??

Oh, you make me want to go again so badly. I hope you had a great time.