Sunday, May 10, 2009

So grateful for motherhood

Happy Mothers' Day, everyone--those with children and those without! My life has been touched by so many mothers. First and foremost, my own mother, who is one of the friendliest, happiest people I have ever known. I truly consider her one of my best friends, and am so grateful to have such a close relationship with her. I am also so grateful to have "gained" a second mother almost four years ago. :) I look up to and have learned so much from her.

I am especially grateful this year to call myself a mother. I love Beck so much. He has changed our lives, increased our love (and patience!) and brings us so much happiness.

I know there are some today who are hurting, who think they may not ever be able to celebrate Mothers' Day for themselves. I have been there. Don't lose hope! Last year on this day I could hardly hold myself together because I longed so much to be a mother; this year I could hardly hold myself together because I am one!

The Lord watches over each one of us, and I know we are all here to be mothers to God's children and our own. I know families can be together forever and am so grateful to have that knowledge, and to have a wonderful family to spend forever with.

Love you all! Thank you for being my mothers (and sisters!). :) Happy Mothers' Day!


Julie said...

Beck is adorable!! He is getting so big. Happy mother's day :)

Caralee and Jon said...

Thank you for your sweet testimony! Happy Mothers Day!

Steven and Allison Vest Family said...

wonderful!! hey do youhave becca nelson's phone number? i have a letter from a college for matt. they probably want to know what's in it. thanks!

Sommer said...

you look beautiful in that picture!