Friday, May 29, 2009

Beck is four months old!!!

Happy four-month birthday to Beck! I felt like we should throw a little party or something! Every month is so exciting when they're so little. :) Beck was pretty excited about his special day too:

Beck is perfect. We love him! Here are some recent things we love about him:
--when he tries to hold his bottle (and usually ends up knocking it out of his mouth)
--when he squeals out of pure happiness!
--that he loves "kicking back" and putting his little hands behind his head
--when you're not smiling at him, and he looks at you like, "What's wrong?"
--that he's not quite as restless anymore (thank goodness!)
--when he squeals like a girl when he's whining
--when he's talking and has his hands together and his little eyebrows furrowed the slightest bit, like he's having a serious conversation :)
--that he's happy and smiley 99% of the time
--his overly dramatic meltdowns :)
--his first smile of the morning, when he's totally groggy, but so happy, his smile can barely fit on his face
--his beautiful blue eyes
--his squirminess
--that he rolled over today!
--his "social skills" :) (he is so interactive and cute!)
--that he loves people and loves to be held and cuddled
--that he loves to chew on everything possible (even Adam's hair the other day!)
--that he loves his mom and dad!

p.s. Any advice on introducing solids?


Michael and Denise said...

Happy Birthday to Beck! I'm glad that he is doing so well and is such a happy baby. His smile is beautiful.

Julie said...

What a cutie!

Lindsey said...

those pictures are ADORABLE! i love the second one... i can't believe he's already 4 mos! he's beautiful kathryn!

The Chambers said...

Sounds like you got away with the perfect child! He is getting so big and looks so happy! I love that he's a cuddly can't get better than that!

Erin Lafleur said...

:) Little boys are so much fun.

Bit girl it sounds like you are having it way to good this time around, beware the next one will probably be a LOT of work. :P

As far as solids go:
-No more than one new food a week and watch for allergies.
-Grains first watered down to the consistency of apple sauce or thinner if he has trouble with that.
-Expect messy-ness and learn to smile about it.
-And for me personally, I always let daddy do the first feeding, they get sooo excited about it.

Hope that helps! :) Good luck!

Joe and Mary said...

he's such a cutie! He is a great mix of you and Adam. So about the solids... I'd start with steak and potatoes then move on over to some Bajio!

Henderson Family said...

How cute. I love how you capture the things you love about Beck. I started Katie Marie on rice cereal when she was a little closer to 5 months. I don't know what kind of advice you want.

Jocelyn said...

Cute, cute kid. Love all the smiles!

John and Trina Busch said...

HI!! well I am so glad that I found your blog. Mine is not as cute and I never update but oh well! your little boy is so cute. I cant believe how old he is. wow was it that long ago that I interupted your movie to bring you a random dinner and never pick up my pan?

Elise said...

He is getting so big!! What a cutie!! Ok solids... I will just have to call you...

KALI said...

My little guy has the same onesie, I love boys they are so fun. Happy 4 month old b-day Beck

Greg and Michelle said...

Priceless pictures!! He is so cute! How is he already 4 months old!?

Nate and Anna said...

Kathryn! I saw your blog and thought I'd say hello. Your baby boy is adorable!! You guys look so happy! :) Take care!

Anna (Atwell) Gamel

Holly and Trevor Crawford Family said...

So CUTE! Solids...I'd wait until he's 6 months. Enjoy the convenience of just packing milk while you still can.

Tina Crowther said...

What an adorable little guy! How fun. I found your blog on someone else's. Are you guys still in Rexburg? Don't you love being a mom?