Thursday, April 30, 2009

25 things about Beck :)

Beck is now three months old! Can you believe it? I can't! In honor of him and his three little months of life, we'd like to share a few fun things about our little babe:

1. is the first Ririe grandson, the first Ririe and Goodspeed great grandson, and the second Williams grandson.

With Williams grandparents

With Hamilton grandparents

With Great Grandma Billie

He hasn't met Grandpa Ririe, Great Grandma Jojo or Great Granddaddy & Hanne yet!

2. used to squeak really loud when he ate, for the first month or so, but has outgrown it, which is kind of sad because it was really funny and cute--and loud. :)

3. loves his fist.

4. was born with a mullet. :)

5. is completely fascinated by lights; there is a light above Alex's head in this pic. :)

6. is really strong--he has been able to stand since he was just a few weeks old and has such a tight grip.

7. used to grunt a ton for the first few months; this video isn't the best example of it, but you'll get the idea. :)

8. has a secret dimple like his mom (only apparent when whistling for Mom, or for Beck, when drinking his bottle)--I don't have a good pic of it!

9. has a double chin like his dad (Adam told me to say that!).

10. used to absolutely hate baths and getting his diaper changed--he now tolerates baths and loves getting his diaper changed, thank goodness!

11. has to grab onto something to fall asleep, usually your shirt or finger.

12. has three aunts, three uncles and one cousin.

With Tim & Aimee

With Elizabeth & Alex

With Cody & Elizabeth
With Jared

13. is soooo wiggly!

14. was born in Rexburg, Idaho.

15. couldn't live without his binky.

16. is very cuddly.

17. sometimes gets "devil eyes" when falling asleep (I think he's technically getting in to his REM cycle).

18. has been smiling pretty much from day one.
One week

Three months

19. gets the hiccups all the time, especially when he gets excited.

20. scored a 9 on both APGAR tests right after birth, the highest scores the hospital has seen in over a year (that's what the nurses told us).

21. loves to be a part of the action all the time.

22. is very observant, and loves to look around and take everything all in.

23. is somewhat dramatic. :)

24. is a little Houdini, and refuses to be swaddled; if you go ahead and swaddle him, he will not settle down until he has wriggled out of it.

25. is incredibly loved!


Henderson Family said...

How cute!!! It's amazing how much love we can have for these little things who have only been with us a short amount of time so far. Those are some neat things about Beck. I love the squeaking video.

Elise said...

Very cute pictures and couldn't help to notice the pedipeds!!!

Cami said...

Jesse has been the same way about swaddling...he won't sleep until he has his arms above his little weirdo!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute, I am trying to write all the cute stuff about my little baby because they grow up so fast and I don't want to forget it.

Julie said...

3 months already!? He has the biggest and cutest smile ever :)

Heather F said...

they grow up so fast don't they?! He is so cute.. its so fun to see their personality as they get older too.

Greg and Michelle said...

How can he already be 3 months old! It is amazing how fast they change during that time don't you think!? Hope you guys are doing well!

Scott and Stacia said...

That is so cute. I love your fun list. My favorite is the squeak he used to make and of course the cute family picture.

Sam said...

Very cute! I'm glad your little family is doing well. =)

Jessie said...

You make me wanna have a baby! He's so cute! Hey, do you have Lauren's email address? Yes, that little cutie that plays the piano. Last I saw her she was about to pop!

Ashley said...

I love it! The videos are the best... What a lucky baby to have such lovely parents! Keep having fun... it only gets better and better.

ashley skifton