Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rexburg air show!

So many things to update on! It's been a crazy month or two, but a whole lot of fun! I was able to go to my mom's side of the family's annual Girls Trip weekend, which was awesome as usual--well, besides landing wrong when jumping off a 25-foot high diving platform which bruised my tailbone horribly... :( I will unfortunately still be re-cooperating from that for a long time to come, but the weekend was great besides that! Then my mom came back to Rexburg with me for a few days just for fun, and then a couple days later, Adam's mom and step-dad, as well as brother and sister-and-law came to visit (from AZ and Washington D.C.)! I'll have to do some other posts on everything, but I'll at least post the pics from my purse camera now, and try to catch up on the other ones later. So here we go!
The air show was great! We were going to just watch it from our house but decided to walk on over, and I'm so glad we did! Along with the awesome flight museum displays, the BYU-Idaho jazz band was playing. Big band/jazz music is one of my favorite things ever! I was in jazz band (sax and clarinet) and jazz choir throughout high school, and I absolutely love and miss it! So Angela (mother-in-law) and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it! After staying for hours, we walked home and had a yummy bbq. What a good day!

Oh, and Cody was trying to teach Beck what a biplane was, and caught on! He's been talking about them ever since. :)


thefamilynichols.com said...

We should have taken advantage of the air show while we were there, I am sure Beckett would have loved it!

mcewen16 said...

I love that so much of childhood is spent being simultaneously terrified and fascinated by all the things they're learning about. :) The noise of the airplanes is pretty scary, but, my, how cool it is to see them fly!

strat said...

Looks like he really like it. He might be a pilot someday.
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