Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Hold me like a baby, Mama?"

Don't you just love the tender little moments of motherhood? The last week or so when putting Beck down for bed, before we leave, he will ask for me or Adam to "come say bye," whichever of us is not already putting him down.

So I go in to say bye tonight, as per B's request :) , and lean down and give him a big hug and say goodnight. But he says, "No, need to cuddle with Mama." So I lean down and squeeze him and was like, "Yay, cuddle cuddle!" But he said, "No, cuddle up there!" I asked him what he meant a couple of times and then finally he explained, "Hold me like a baby, Mama?" My heart immediately melted and I scooped up my almost 2-1/2-year old boy and held him like a baby. It is always so tender to have these little moments, and to discover that they are just as special to your toddler as they are to you. Love, lOvE, LOVE this little boy. :)


Heather and Josh Wickern said...

What a sweetheart! I love those times too!! Once, when I was putting Scott down, I told him how happy I was that Heavenly Father sent him to our family!! The next night, as I was giving him a hug, Scott said, "Mommy, Jesus gave me you!" I totally understand the heart melt feeling!!!

Erin Lafleur said...

Awww that is soooo sweet. Love those moments!

Lindsey said...

i'm terrible at reading blogs... but i still wanted to comment on this old post cause this is so adorable! i love those times when for a just a moment, everything seem perfect and right in the world and you want time to just stand still. :)