Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beck's dump truck excitement

Like most boys, Beck is fascinated, obsessed and easily excited with all things cars, trucks, airplanes and tractors. Here are a few videos for proof!

This is a Christmas present he got from Mamma and Pappa, and this is his favorite thing to do with it... Yes, it gets very annoying after awhile, especially if it's on a loud surface. ;)

Watching the grader go by our house a few months ago. He's more in awe than excited in this video. :)

This is us/him reading one of his favorite books. As you can see, it's been a little destroyed. I had it put away for months, and he found it the other day. And to my surprise, he knew like almost every single vehicle in there!


Chrystina said...

I remember those days! Caden was obsessed!!! Enjoy it because before you know it, Beck won't remember what McQueen's name is and you'll have to buy all new toys.. boo! did I scare you? :P

h said...

Seriously, I think this is like the tenth time Clara has requested to "see a picture of Beck." So we get on to watch Beck's videos. He's such a little cutie!


(not sure why the "h" - still working on that) :)