Sunday, March 06, 2011

Beck's 2-year stats

I forgot to include Beck's 2-year stats with his birthday post, but wanted to throw them on here while I'm thinking about it!

Weight: 30 pounds, 70%
Height: 35 inches, 68%
BMI: 17
(The doctor called him "quite trim" at his last appointment, I thought it was funny.)
So he's a healthy, happy little guy!

Oh, and one funny (well, not so much, actually) story from his doctor's appointment:
So, in the rooms at the office they have different themes, with big vinyl decorations. There is a tractor room and an airplane room that I knew of, so when we were getting ready for the appointment and Beck didn't really want to go bye-bye, I told him that there would be tractors or airplanes in his room. He fell for it, and we were out the door. Well, of course the nurse happens to put us in the fish-themed room (even though the other two were empty... wouldn't you put little toddler boys in tractor or airplane rooms?). Beck literally loses it, and starts flipping out that he's in the fish room. Up to this point, I had never seen him throw a tantrum like this before. It was like he was transforming into a "terrible 2"-year-old in the middle of his 2-year appointment. It was pretty ridiculous. The nurse finally offered to switch him to one of the other rooms, so she led us into the tractor room. He was ecstatic for about two minutes, then he started flipping out that he wasn't in the airplane room. While we were waiting for the doctor, I decided I'd let him peek into the airplane room, but right when we opened our door (which was across the hallway from it), the door to the airplane room slammed close, which made this crazy toddler lose it even more. Then he had to get three shots. We were beyond ready to go home! Thankfully, that was still his worst tantrum thus far. :)


Kadie said...

Oh just you wait. They get better... the twos are everything everyone has talked about!!!!!!

Sommer said...

Oh man that sounds awful yet funny too. That's how I am too I always kind of laugh inside when my boys throw tantrums because it really is quite amusing... but then after a minute of feeling some what amused it wears off and gets a bit frustrating =) Good luck with navigating through the terrible two's. If it makes you feel any better I really think the severity of it depends on the child. Brandon's wasn't too bad at all but Nathan's has been horrible and has rolled over into the terrible 3's. By the way Beck is so cute! I can't believe how much he looks like a toddler now, no baby left in him at all. I love his chubby little cheeks too =)