Thursday, November 04, 2010

B's random obsessions

Two posts in one week, look at me go! This is just a random little post, but I wanted to record a few of Beck's funny little obsessions lately before I took them for granted and forgot about them!

--"Hi, hi, hi"--
He has a favorite song! It's "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train. His one and only Lindsay introduced him to it (yes, she's also the one who taught him the word "butt," so I guess this evens things out... ;) ). And as if it wasn't cute enough that he has a favorite song, he calls it the "hi" song--is that freaking adorable? I think it is. :) He'll get in the car and say, "Hi, hi, hi?" And the best is his little dance that goes along with it. I need to get a good video of it sometime, but here's a crappy-quality phone video that gives you a little idea. ;)

He is loving colors lately! He loves to color and loves learning the colors of everything. He now confidently and consistently knows red and green, and sometimes orange, yellow, blue and purple.

He is obsessed! In a good way. :) He counts to 3, which is soooo adorable (another video I need to get...), and he is so proud of himself. He loves numbers in general and gets so excited when he recognizes them.

Lindsay is like Beck's second mother, she is awesome. Besides me and Adam, she probably knows Beck the best--his likes/dislikes, tickle spots, tantrum-causers. She is in love with Beck, and he is in love with her! And she is always so willing to watch him for us, and is so good with him. Whenever anyone comes to the door, Beck always gets so excited, says, "Lindsay!" and runs to the door in anticipation. I feel bad for whoever is visiting when it's not Lindsay because Beck gets so sad. :) He even wakes up asking for her some mornings, like today! I don't know what we're going to do when she leaves Rexburg sometime in the near future, because life sure is fun living near her!

Beck is also obsessed with thinking Clifford the big red dog is his Uncle Cody. I can see the resemblance, but still think it's hilarious! He used to see Cody almost every day, and he hasn't been able to see him for more than three months now, so he's obviously having total withdrawals. This is a video we took when he first started doing it. I call Beck a dork in it, don't judge. ;)

--Pappaw and Papa--
Every week or two we Skype with Adam's mom and step-dad, and his dad -- Pappaw and Papa, respectively. ;) It's such a fun way to keep in touch, and we all love it, including Beck. So I guess it's maybe because he doesn't see them in real life very often (they're in D.C. and Arizona), so he is having withdrawals, but he thinks (or is maybe hoping?) every single person we see is Papa and Pappaw! It used to just be that he thought every man with a beard was his grandparent, but not it has extended. Be they black, white, bald, bearded or even a woman (yeah, talk about awkward), he looks at them and says, "Papa?" so sincerely. It's so cute. We get to see my parents quite often, so I think he realizes that they're real people and we go visit them sometimes. But with the other grandparents, he barely ever gets to see them, so he's not sure about where they exist! Whether in the computer, or in Rexburg, or neither. :) He loves the "digital versions" of them but misses the physical versions of them, too!

He loves Grandpa too, even if he doesn't think everyone is him. :) Here's a mid-kiss picture to prove it! ;)

--His paci(s)--
So Beck has always just used a paci when sleeping and falling to sleep. But lately he's obsessed for some reason! Like asks for it throughout the day, instead of just at nap time and at night. *sigh* Sure going to be fun breaking him from this thing..

--Everything about cars-- (and planes and trains and tractors, but we'll deal with cars for now...)
He looooves cars and Cars the movie (although he's been a little distracted by Kipper lately...). He also loves lining up his cars and different things up in rows. Very tidy. ;)

My parents found these VHS videos at a second-hand store for Beck, and let me tell you, he and Kipper are the best of friends! He's usually not much of a TV/video watcher, but something about Kipper has him hooked. Which is good and bad. He wakes up and goes to bed asking for Kipper, so we have to come up with other fun distractions for him, or else he would be happy watching him all day, I'm convinced. I will say that I like these videos because they are about simple, everyday things. They're very mellow, but still educational and fun. And they have quite the catchy intro song, which Beck cannot help but dance to. If he's sitting or bundled up, he can't just continue being so--he has to get down and dance.

So there you have Beck's latest random obsessions! ;)

Monday, November 01, 2010

Cutest little cowboy on the block! Plus other Halloween adventures :)

We had the cutest little cowboy on the block (maybe in the whole town!) for Halloween! Unfortunately, Beck came down with croup and an ear infection this week, so he wasn't able to officially go trick-or-treating, but thankfully we took him to a little trunk-or-treat on Thursday, so we were still able to have a little bit of Halloween fun! He was a cowboy, with real boots and all! I tried them on him a few weeks ago and he hated them, but now he's totally in love with them!

Beck lovin his boots!

^-- This is where Beck could be found for the next few days, trying to break into the candy constantly!

So on actual Halloween night (well, technically Halloween eve, on Saturday), we just watched football and handed out candy. But let me tell you, I totally enjoyed it! I got so excited every time the doorbell rang! Since we've lived in apartments every year before this, I'd never really been able to experience this fun aspect of Halloween! We totally underestimated the number of trick-or-treaters and were out of candy by like 7:30 p.m., but thankfully I had quite the stockpile of Fruit Roll-Ups and granola bars, so we started handing out those. And then completely ran out! We figure we had about 150 kids stop by. Beck hated every single time I opened the door. He was so mad he was inside, and that we were giving away all "his" candy!

Here are our cool pumpkins we carved: