Monday, November 01, 2010

Cutest little cowboy on the block! Plus other Halloween adventures :)

We had the cutest little cowboy on the block (maybe in the whole town!) for Halloween! Unfortunately, Beck came down with croup and an ear infection this week, so he wasn't able to officially go trick-or-treating, but thankfully we took him to a little trunk-or-treat on Thursday, so we were still able to have a little bit of Halloween fun! He was a cowboy, with real boots and all! I tried them on him a few weeks ago and he hated them, but now he's totally in love with them!

Beck lovin his boots!

^-- This is where Beck could be found for the next few days, trying to break into the candy constantly!

So on actual Halloween night (well, technically Halloween eve, on Saturday), we just watched football and handed out candy. But let me tell you, I totally enjoyed it! I got so excited every time the doorbell rang! Since we've lived in apartments every year before this, I'd never really been able to experience this fun aspect of Halloween! We totally underestimated the number of trick-or-treaters and were out of candy by like 7:30 p.m., but thankfully I had quite the stockpile of Fruit Roll-Ups and granola bars, so we started handing out those. And then completely ran out! We figure we had about 150 kids stop by. Beck hated every single time I opened the door. He was so mad he was inside, and that we were giving away all "his" candy!

Here are our cool pumpkins we carved:


Heather F said...

I absolutely LOVE his little cowboy boots! Now I want to get a pair for Travis.
It looks like you guys had a fun Halloween. There is something about having little kids that makes it so much better (in my opinion)

Ashley said...

so cute! You'll be proud of me and my coupon cutting... maybe I'll see you at Albertson's today. =)

mcewen16 said...

Definitely the cutest cowboy in town...that costume is so cute! Beck sure is getting big, too! I know I've only met him once, but I have him frozen in my head at that age. He's getting to be a big boy now! And a cute one at that...