Saturday, November 14, 2009

Great deals @ Old Navy!

Have I mentioned I LOVE a good deal? Haha, who doesn't? :) Anyway, I went in to Old Navy today to get a price adjustment before the time period expired(see below for details), and thought I'd glance around the store while I was at it since I had a 30% off your entire purchase coupon. Well, they also happened to have all of their clearance items on sale for an additional 50% off, and they let you stack the coupons--yes, amazing scenario! So needless to say, I got some great deals--which I have outlined in detail below, mainly to make me feel good about myself. ;)

Sorry to not post about this sooner! Like I said, I just happened upon it this afternoon. If anyone is interested, you can use this online coupon code for 30% off that is good through tomorrow (Sunday): BHCN177GGW83 Also, if you go to this web address (sorry, links never work on my blog), you can get a one-time-use free shipping code when you sign up for the Banana Republic (same company as Old Navy) e-mail list:

Ok,now on to the good deal details! So the picture may not look like it's that much stuff, but it really is:

For me:
2 argyle sweater cardigans
1 long-sleeved blouse
1 short-sleeved blouse
1 pair of cargo pants
1 set of sticky-note magnets
1 wallet
2 notebooks
1 small make-up kit bag
(Forgot to include these last four items in the pic!)

For Beck:
7 long-sleeved shirts
3 sweaters
1 one-piece outfit
1 button-up plaid shirt
1 long-sleeved polo shirt
2 pairs of jersey-lined nylon cargo pants
1 pair of fleece sweats
1 pair of pin-striped dress pants
4 pairs of shoes

For Adam:
Nothing. He said he didn't see anything he liked, but I think he really just wanted to get to Sears. :)

So...... total retail value: $401.50

My steal price: $82, including tax! Wahoo!
Oh, and a note about the price adjustment I mentioned earlier. Last week we bought Adam a nice jacket at Old Navy for $69.50, and then I had a 30% off coupon, so still a pretty good deal. But this week they went on sale for 30% off, so I decided to call and see if they would credit me back at all since I had just bought it the week before, and to my pleasant surprise, they did! As long as you do it within 14 days, they'll credit you back the difference. So I got $15 back! Good little tidbit to know!


Brian & Britty said...

Kathryn, you are my hero!

Jessie said...

I need to hang out with you! What a savvy shopper you are!

Greg and Michelle said...

Incredible! Saving that much money is amazing!

Erin Lafleur said...

What a deal!!!! I love it when you get a good one. I got over $100 worth of board games the other day for $30 and almost cried I was so happy.