Monday, January 12, 2009


We are both back safely in Rexburg! I had a great time in SLC and Adam had a great time in New York. I'll post about that soon, but first I need to do a few catch-up posts!

Goodbye to the ward
Last Sunday was our last Sunday in the 69th Ward, after 2 1/2 years; it was definitely bittersweet. We have loved being in this ward, and have made so many good friends in it. Things we will miss:
-Bishop Bitter
-Seeing our good friends every week!
-Sunday potlucks
-Serving as Relief Society President
-Relief Society!
-Adam serving in the bishopric
-Being surrounded by young married couples and their families!

Goodbye to University Village
We like our new place, but really do miss University Village! We'd lived there ever since we were married, almost 3 1/2 years ago. Lots of memories were made in that complex! Things we will miss:
-Storage space!
-Our friendly neighbors
-Building 1 parties!
-The Building 1 picnic table hangout
-Complex activities
-The well-maintained grounds
-The playground
-Being surrounded by great people!

Goodbye to Adam being manager
Most of you that live in U.V. have probably only known Adam as your manager! He was assistant manager the first year we were married, and was manager after that for about the last 2 1/2 years. Things we will "miss":
-People knocking on our apartment 24/7
-Adam having to fix hot water heaters during the middle of the night every night during the winter time
-Adam carrying around his emergency work phone 24/7/365
-Getting phone calls on the emergency work phone and our home phone 24/7, especially for reasons that were so not emergencies (If any of you reading this called for non-emergencies, don't feel bad! We didn't mind when you called!)
-Spending our holiday "vacation" on duty at the complex
-People stopping by for tours 24/7

Haha. Sorry, laying on the sarcasm pretty thick there. :) Being manager at U.V. honestly has been a great job for Adam! But a change every three years or so is also good! :)

We are really excited to have moved on to this next chapter in our lives, but can't help but be a little sad to leave our "past life" behind. :) Thank you to all of you for making this past chapter of our life wonderful!


The Fantasias said...

Weird... ours is Bishop Bitter too. :o)

Were you in my ward? LOL.

Julie Wolfe said...

Hi Kathryn! I was blog surfing the other night and came across your blog. Hope you don't mind me commenting, but I just wanted to say that we'll miss you too. You were an amazing relief society pres and Adam was a great manager. (We were one of those late night water heater not-so-emergency-emergencies). I hope you guys are sucessful where ever you end up and I can't wait to see pictures of your new baby :)

Katie Phelps said...

Hi Kathryn! I found your blog once a while ago and wanted to say, "Hi." It sounds like from this post that a lot is changing for you guys soon. Good luck with all your new and exciting adventures. You are going to be a great mom!

Cheney's said...

I'm going to miss you so much! You WILL let us know when the baby comes...right? I would very much like to see him. :) We were probably one of those annoying people that called at weird hours....sorry. :) We tried to give Adam a break though. :) He did such a great job though, so it was hard not to always bug him with nonsense things. :)

Katie said...

Kathryn, your baby will be here so soon!!! Are you ready? :) Are you feeling well? I wish you the best! At least you can have some time to settle into your new life before D-day. :) Love ya!

Kathryn said...

I can't believe it happened to you too! That is so funny! Really. So where did you guys move too? I haven't blogged in forever. I read your blog yesterday, but maybe I missed it. Anyway, It was so good hearing from you and I hope that the little baby is doing well...oh and you. :)

Amber said...

Oh, good times and memories! Good luck with your new adventures! :)