Friday, July 19, 2013

Reese is 1!!!

Took this little babe in for her 1-year appointment last week, which she thoroughly enjoyed right up until being poked repeatedly in her chunky thighs, the poor thing. She drown her sorrows in some stair-climbing afterward. :) Stats: 22.5 pounds (72% ile) and 28.8 inches (37%ile)--we love our short little chunk!

Some of her cute things right now:
--Waving hi and bye
--High fiving
--Attempts to comb her hair and put on sunglasses and bows
--Closing doors
--Saying, "That?"
--Her nervous hand movements when around new people :)
--Walking along everything, just not walking! Her chubby legs just get tired too easily, I guess!

We LOVE this girl! She is so easy to love!