Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby #2! :)

Yes! We are expecting baby #2! Reading that sentence still seems crazy and unreal to me! But we are very excited! Here are a couple fun facts: :)

Day we found out: Wednesday, November 2
This pregnancy came as a surprise too (even though it was definitely wanted, I just don't have a regular periods to tip me off, so all our pregnancies will probably be "surprises," haha). But I found out in the morning, so I held my secret in until Adam got home from work for lunch and had Beck tell him--it was really cute and fun, and I even sneaked a little video of it!

Due date: Friday, July 6 (but since I'm having a c-section, it may be late June)
How far along right now: 16 weeks today
Morning sickness: Just like with Beck, it's more like all-day sickness and throwing up, every day, Which has proven to be even more fun to deal with when you have a toddler to take care of... I actually have felt slightly better the last few days (like only throwing up once or twice a day), so I'm holding out hope that it won't last the entire pregnancy like it did with Beck, but we shall see!
Weird symptoms: Dehydration cramps from throwing up so much, but other than that it's been pretty regular. One weird but nice thing is that I don't get the burst blood vessels around my eyes when I throw up like I did with Beck.
Still fitting in my clothes: Yes! Thanks to all of my throwing up, I'm still 5 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. But it's coming!
Cool fact: When I am full-term with this pregnancy, I will weigh less than I weighed before I got pregnant with Beck (since I've lost 50 pounds since last Christmas)--yay! :)
Also, this baby's due date is exactly on my BFF Lindsay's b-day! Couldn't have even planned that if we tried to! Haha
First person to know besides us: I think Lindsay! And then we ended up seeing my family the weekend after we found out, so we went ahead and told them! We told Adam's family within a few days as well, since they're all across the country and couldn't tell anybody we knew anyway! :)
Boy/girl: We find out on February 16, so only a few weeks away! I keep thinking it's a girl, and if you ask Beck, he'll usually say it's a girl as well. Adam isn't sure. So we'll see! I would be relieved with a boy, because the thought of raising girls kind of scares me :) , but we would obviously be thrilled with a girl as well!
Beck's thoughts: Most of the time he is excited! And some of the time you can just see the little wheels turning in his head trying to make sense of this "baby in Mama's tummy." But he gets really excited to talk about it, and I know he will love being a big brother. :)
Names: We have them picked out, but I will save that information for after we find out what we're having!
Yay for babies!


Haylee said...

Yay!!! How exciting! I need to add you to my list of prego friends now. It seems like a lot of people are. And that is definitely a good thing.

Richard said...

congrats friends! Beck is SO adorable... I can tell he will be a great big bro. He couldn't wait to tell his Daddy... he even made him "sit down" I LOVE IT!

Congrats again, and please stop puking! I hate morning sickness!

Richard said...

this is really ashley, but richard is happy for you too. =)

Brittney said...


Michelle said...

AHHH!!! I am so excited for you guys!! Beck will be a great big brother. Your due just a couple days after me. I am due July 3rd. I hope you start feeling better soon, being sick is the pits!!

Gordon & Julie Bird Blog said...

Congratulations! So happy for you, and way to go on the weight loss. That baby (and Beck) is lucky to have you for their mommy:)

Devin and Elisa said...

Congrats! It sounds like there are lots of sweet spirits coming to the earth this summer! So grateful they're coming! -E

Linzi said...

That is the cutest video! Congrats on baby #2!

Heather said...

hee hee hee I LOVE you!! Congratulations!!

Heather Farnsworth said...

I love how you announced it! I'll have to remember that for the future. You'll be a great mom to two kids. Don't let anyone scare you.. its actually not that hard going from 1 to 2, and especially with such a smart kid like Beck it'll be a breeze! Hopefully this one sleeps a little better for you though.

Katy-the-lady said...

CONGRATS!!! That is so exciting for you guys! What a cute picture for the big brother and what a fun little movie clip too. Sorry that you don't feel well. :(

Jessie said...

Yay!!! Congratulations! That's exciting! I hope you start feeling better soon.

Scott and Stacia said...

What a great Surprise!! Congrats guys!!