Monday, September 19, 2011

Tender Beck's new fear of school buses ;)

So we saw some school buses this morning, and as usual Beck got way excited. I told him that when he is 5, he'll be able to ride on one himself when he goes to school, thinking he was going to be super excited at the thought. Instead he looked terrified and asked if I could come with him on the bus (tender!). I told him no but that he didn't have to go on the bus for a few years. So like every 30 seconds today he has been reminding me, "Don't have to go on the school bus, Mama! I get to stay with you!" I've always known I will be the kind of mom who's bawling as she drops her kid off for kindergarten--looks like my kid will be too! Such a tender little boy! Had to share the cute moment before I forgot! ;)


Ashley said...

how funny. The funniest part is I had the SAME exact conversation with Parker when this school year started. haha. I wish I could go to school with him, I'm that scared to even think about it! =) I'm okay with him being scared right now too, because then he will stay home with me. =) Beck is a cutie. I love how he processed it ALL DAY! He must really love being with mommy!