Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas tree adventures!

Right after the incident... :)


The holidays are so fun with a toddler! Not necessarily easier or less messy, but definitely fun. :) We put up our Christmas tree right after we got back from D.C. (if I ever find my camera cord, I will post pics of our trip!), and it was love at first site for Beck! When we loaded our tree into the car, Beck was soooo excited; he couldn't believe there was a tree in our car! He definitely got a kick out of that. :) And the love has continued ever since we set it up. THe morning after when I went to get him up, we were cuddling for a minute and then he was like, "Chismas twee!" He totally remembered! And surprisingly knew how to say it already!
The next day he even had a run-in with it, causing it to completely fall over on top of him. Lol, it was pretty funny to watch (only because he didn't get hurt!)! He was just trying to pull an ornament off the tree, bless his heart, but we think the trunk had rotated in the stand and made it really susceptible to falling. Whatever the case, it has made a fun memory! It scared Beck a little, and he was kind of in shock. He kept saying, "Chismas twee owie. I bwoke it." Cutest thing ever! The next day I asked him about it and he totally remembered (watch the video). Even today when he was looking at a picture of it that I snapped right afterward he was like, "Oh, owie Chismas twee." Looks like it made an impression! He's also managed to bust a couple of our ornaments. Oops. Live and learn. :) Here are a few pics and videos of our Christmas tree adventures!

Pretty much one of my favorite things that he says! Sorry this is so shaky, Adam got a little excited apparently. :)

Beck recounting his traumatizing experience (sorry for the crappy phone camera quality!)


Heather F said...

how funny (luckily hes okay)! I can't believe how much he is talking.. its adorable.