Friday, September 10, 2010

Come to our garage sale!!! :)

Hey! I'm having a garage sale with my friend over at her house tomorrow (Saturday) from 8-noon--so if you're in Rexburg, you should come! :) She lives just east of Arctic Circle, so just watch for the signs. There will be lots of kids' stuff (clothes, shoes, books, toys, etc.) as well as a lot of household stuff (shelves, curtains, miscellaneous) and other random stuff! Hopefully we'll see you there! :)

2 comments: said...

Hey kathrine did you have many people come to your garage sale? I lover garage sale shopping, but was too busy to come. Hope it was good.

mcewen16 said...

Oh my heck! The black-and-white of Beck on the right side of your blog is ADORABLE! He looks like such a happy, sweet little boy! How could he not be with a Mom like you, though, right? :D