Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Major catch-up: my poor little wrist was burned by boiling caramel!!!

So some of my best wonderful UV ladies (all but one of whom have deserted me for bigger and better towns since this...*tear*...) had a wonderful goody-making party in December. It was SO much fun, and the treats we made were absolutely amazing. Writing about this makes me so hungry! Anyway, I love these girls and we had an awesome five hours of fun--I mean, just look at us! So happy, so unwounded... :)

Until... (pics and text from my friend Chrystina's blog!)
"This is what happens when a certain someone named Heather, balances a cookie sheet on to a cup and then pours boiling hot sugar into it... which sparks a call for help, just to have poor Kathryn come to the rescue in time to be burned.... followed by Nancy yelling out "get the mustard"... a remedy her Grandmother uses for burns.
Status update: Use mustard when you get a burn, Kathryn says it healed quickly and didn't blister. Heather did feel terrible about it.. as you can see in this genuinely remorseful picture."

Trying to function whilst having mustard on my wrist... :)

The sad little caramel-burn scar. :( But what a fun story!


Heather and Josh Wickern said...

Oh much sadness! I'm so sorry you have a scar even if the treats were wonderful! I will use mustard next time I decide to burn someone... I mean, the next time someone gets burned!

Scott and Stacia said...

Mustard Really?? Cool! I better remember that one! I get burned so much when I am pregnant, Scott makes fun of me (and no this is not an announcement) :)