Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting settled in our HOME! And our 100th post!

What an exciting title! :) Just wanted to give a little update! These last couple of weeks have been crazy. Here's a rough timeline of the last little bit, and a few rough phone pictures to go along with it:

(A little preview! More pictures to come once we locate our camera cable!)

Wed., April 14:
Closed on our house! And it happened to be on the 5-year anniversary of when Adam and I got engaged! :)Everything worked out perfectly. My dad (our realtor), our loan officer, and the seller hooked us up. We ended up walking away with a $700 check and $600 credit toward our flooring (we replaced the linoleum). Sweet! Overall, the whole home-buying process really hasn't been bad at all! We've been lucky to get such good people to work with, and such a good deal.
Also, my parents were able to come up for the closing and were so helpful in watching Beck, making sure we got a sweet deal, and just fun to spend time with!

Thurs., April 15:
Moved out of our apartment and into a hotel. We actually did a really good job this time of not procrastinating! I started cleaning and packing a few weeks beforehand, and we were completely moved and cleaned up a day early (our landlord said it's the cleanest apartment she's ever seen!). We moved our stuff into a trailer the seller let us use until we could move into the house so we wouldn't have to move stuff into a storage unit and then move it again. We also found out then that there was some miscommunication between the seller and the current renters of the home. We were all told they would be gone by the 14th, but they actually stayed until the 16th. Don't know what happened there. Way awesome people, just some miscommunication somewhere. So we had to wait for them to move out, and then wait for the painting and carpeting and flooring to be completed. The hotel was fun, but we were definitely ready to go when the time came!

Tues., April 20:
Moved our stuff out of the trailer and into the house! With five people it only took half an hour to unload!

Wed., April 21:
Checked out of the hotel and actually arrived (for good!) at our home!

Since then:
-First got all of our main furniture set up so we could function
-Replaced all doorknobs and door hinges
-Replaced all interior and exterior light fixtures (thanks, Cody, for all your help!)
Here's one before and after example

-Replaced all outlet/switch cover plates
-Unpacked, unpacked, unpacked, unpacked (still about 10 more boxes to go)
-Bought a car!!!!!! My dream car! A beautiful 2005 Civic that we got a good deal on, and will end up getting for less than $1,000 after the $8,000 homebuyer tax credit. I'm in love with it!

-Started Beck in his toddler bed!

-Suffered through Beck's teething together! He's cut 2 canine teeth in the last week, with a few more on their way... and we all know how fun teething is, especially while moving. :)
-Eaten out like 5,000 times
-Made like 5 trips to Idaho Falls, mainly for Home Depot and Lowe's

-Saw a moose right by the Albertsons parking lot!
-Played my clarinet for the ward talent show. We haven't even been to the ward yet! But the Relief Society president came by on Thursday, and long story short, I ended up playing tonight. :) It was really fun, though! And a great way to get involved from the get-go.

We stayed up late last night and got a lot done, and now our kitchen and living room and bathrooms are completely set up! Good feeling. :)

So I think that's pretty much it. Things have been crazy, but so good. We are in love with our house. We are in love with our car. We are in love with our new neighborhood and ward. We really are so blessed, and are so grateful everything has gone so smoothly.

And one other kind of random note. In my excitement about all our new adventures, I hope I'm not making anyone envious or sad! And I just want to say that Adam and I both graduated three years ago, and it's just now all coming together. So don't get discouraged if you don't have a house or anything yet! It really does all work out somehow, someday! :)


Brittney said...

I seriously am so excited for you guys. It seems like everything ended up being a dream come true for you. That is so AWESOME!!! And it totally doesn't surprise me that you had the cleanest apartment, because I remember how picky Adam was when we moved out, he was so nice to scrub our bathtub to get all the hard water spots out even after we'd scrubbed it like 2-3 times really good. Not to mention that you to were a clean check lady in the dorms. I bet yours was immaculate. Your home looks gorgeous by the way and I'm really excited to see more pictures.

Samantha said...

Congrats on the house! it sounds like its already a crazy fun adventure for you!

Gordon & Julie Bird Blog said...

I am so excited for you owning your first house! You are the perfect example of sacrificing through all of the school and foundation setting and then enjoying the fruits of your labor.
It looks so cute and like you will be a Rexbur-gian for a while:)

Scott and Stacia said...

How exciting!! I love having a home, it is such a wonderful thing. I really liked the outside light fixture you chose, it's really pretty. Enjoy!!

Kathryn said...

How awesome Kathryn! You sound so happy! :)

Anonymous said...

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Kelli Albaugh said...

That's so exciting for you guys! I can't wait until we're in our house this summer.

Anonymous said...