Thursday, December 10, 2009

Might as well go dumpster diving

Adam and I are clean people. Some may even call us obsessive-compulsive (although we have had to resist our inclinations a lot more since Beck came along!). Then why, oh why have all the germs invaded our home and bodies?! We might as well have dove into dumpsters and chewed strangers' gum because we have not avoided absolutely any germs this season, it seems!
On Adam's birthday (Nov. 10), Beck and I both came down with something. Turns out I had pharyngitis (throat infection) and Beck had croup, a sore throat and a double ear infection. We got drugged up and were finally better after a week or so. That was sickness #1. Then not even two weeks after that, Adam and I both caught horrible head colds which lasted about a week. Sickness #2. Then not even a week after that (this Monday evening), I got the stomach flu and couldn't even keep water down. Sickness #3. Thankfully, it was only the 24-hour kind, so I recovered, and our month of sickness was behind us. But not really!
Beck now has the stomach flu. Sickness #4. This was made manifest tonight while eating a nice dinner with 30+ coworkers at Adam's work party. Barfing and bloody-murder screaming were involved. Poor Beck. Poor us. Poor people who had to witness it! We came home from our dinner party early, hungry and covered in barf. And Beck didn't even get to see Santa! Not exactly how we imagined the night would play out. It sucked because kids weren't even "encouraged" but we were told it was ok after both of our babysitters fell through last-minute. It sucked because we got barf all over us, and the carpet. It sucked because the throwing up scared Beck so bad that he would not stop screaming until every single person was looking at us. It sucked because we were starving and didn't even get to eat the amazing food. It sucked because it was in front of every single one of Adam's coworkers. And it sucked because Beck didn't get to bond with Santa--it was the real one, I swear! :) Of course we were more concerned about Beck than about the big scene we made, and everyone there wasn't even judgmental or rude or anything, but it just wasn't a fun situation overall. But once we got home, we had to look back and laugh. Thankfully we have a wonderful little boy who is happy despite his sickness. Throwing up scares him for the second it lasts, but then he's back to his happy self.
I got a really funny picture of barf-covered Beck, but our leftover computer we're using isn't fast enough to connect to our camera. :)
Stay tuned for an optimistic post! Not sure what about yet, but it's coming soon, I promise. I hope you all don't think I've turned into some one-eyed pessimistic monster! :)


Heather F said...

Throwing up baby is no fun.. trust me I know! I think there are just a ton of things going around and there is just no way to avoid any of it, especially when you go to church every Sunday and there are a ton of sick kids there! If Travis gets something usually we get it too.. We hardly ever got sick till he came around! My advice would be to keep Beck home from Church for a week or two. Travis hasn't been to more then just sacrament meeting in more then a month (alan and I take turns) and it seems to be helping to keep the sickness at a minimal.. thats what has worked for us!

calledawell2 said...

I'm sorry to hear about all the sickness! I am crazy about washing hands and we still get colds regularly, especially Emily. She even has to have breathing treatments more than I wish. But, at least she's happy like you said. Hang in there! This too shall pass!

It's fun to see Beck growing up so quickly! We miss our friend up there in Rexburg but not the wind. :) Hope life gets better real soon!

-Elisa Caldwell

Greg and Michelle said...

Tis the season for sickness! Maybe you guys keep getting sick because you have been sick because your immune system was already down from being sick you were more prone to other germs. (If that made any sense.) Sorry the work party didn't turn out as you would have hoped! I hope you all get well soon!

John and Trina Busch said...

That sounds awful and oh so familiar. Until we moved from rexburg we got everything! I took Melanie to the doctor cause I had strep, the doctor told me that babies her age NEVER get it. it was almost impossible and sure enough! Melanie's first 6 months of life she got croup, RSV, strep, numerous ear infections, and then had problems with most of the medication. good luck!

Ashley said...

I HAATTEE germs!!! I totally hear ya. You can spray your kids with lysol everytime they touch anything (I don't, but you could) and they would STILL get sick. Man, I'm sorry to say, but that does suck. I hope you all feel better soon. I have some soup if you are interested? =)

Chrystina said...

I am so sorry! hopefully it will all end quickly and no more sickness! One year Caden had 4 ear infections and we all had the stomach flu 3 times... it was a weird year and we have been pretty much well ever since. Just think you are building up your immune system!