Saturday, July 25, 2009

Absence does make the heart grow fonder :)

(Funny random pic from our trip!)

So for the last week I have been in Boise (and still am through next week), helping my parents move. I loooove Boise and totally want to end up here but I couldn't help but miss a few things about little ol' Rexburg. And since I've been kind of bashing on Rexburg lately, I thought I'd be a little more optimistic and think of a few things I miss about it:

-no traffic
-being able to get anywhere in like 5 minutes (even if there is only two places to go!)
-all the coupons and specials for poor college students
-the mild summer weather (most of the time)
-the temple
-Porter Park
-our friends!

Ok, that's all I can come up with. :) Here's one more cute pic from our visit so far:

This was after we had Beck babysat. He should have slept for three hours while he was there that afternoon, but I guess he didn't sleep at all!!! It literally only took him not even 10 seconds to be completely passed out on my shoulder--and this is a kid who is never easy to get to sleep! I was amazed and amused, and thought it was totally cute. :)


Henderson Family said...

Since being away from Rexburg, I've noticed a few things I've missed. There really is an AWESOME spirit there, I love Craigo's, the campus, the jokes about the snow, the wards and friends that are there. I also miss Porter park and the summer activities. It really was a great place to be while it lasted.

The Fantasias said...

I miss the spirit and solitude of Rexburg. I used to bash it when I was there, but small-town life seems so much more appealing once you have a family - especially considering the crime rate in giant cities like Houston. There was never anything bad on the news in Rexburg but there is a murder on the news EVERY day here. Yikes. (In the south area and not near us, luckily.) I also miss the beautiful campus, parks, scenic drives to the rivers and streams nearby, summer weather, lack of bugs, Millhollow and BAJIOs!! LOL.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Houston, but I think if I had to choose I would go back to Reburg. :o)

Kelli Albaugh said...

I agree about Rexburg. When we moved away the first time we were so ready to get out. But when we got the opportunity to come back, we were so excited! I like it a lot more not being a student.

Where do your parents live now?

Jessie said...

Yes, I totally understand! With Rexburg, you can't help but have a LOVE/HATE relationship with it. It's unique in every way. Personally, I hated the traffic: too many stupid students and not enough road. But I loved the experience I had with roomates and the music program at BYU-I (and I loathed curfew). After graduation, I even worked in a doctor's office there for two years. Wow! But I think what made Rexburg bearable those last two years was not actually living there. Ririe was perfect. A small town with awesome people away from the school, honor code, etc. but still amid the beautiful mountains and snow that I have come to love. That's just my two cents. However, I think that home is simply where family is.

Anonymous said...

I still miss all those things about Rexburg and there will always be a place in my heart for Rexburg lol!

hatchspot said...

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