Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cute videos!

Hi everyone! I don't have much time for an update at the moment, but my beanie pics are really getting old. :) So I thought I'd share some of my favorite YouTube videos with you all!

Yes, I have a fetish for cute, squishy animals! Here's one way cute, non-animal video for your viewing pleasure. :)


rachel said...

that last video was really funny you'll have to teach your little guy the "evil look"

Elise said...

Yes, I'm very excited for Marsha!! I think it is really funny we are all having boys. Are you feeling any better? How is the weather up there? I keep thinking it's July down here in Texas.

Sokimna said...

Ok...that collie??? is schizo...LOL

Huzzey Family said...

You would like this website, especially if the puppies aren't asleep!

Gordon & Julie Bird Blog said...

Hik Kathryn! Your blog is so cute. Congrats on having a baby boy. When is he due?
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