Friday, August 01, 2008

Better late than never! :)

Hello everyone! I've been the worst blogger ever lately! Things have been crazy busy, but so good. Better late than never to post, right? So here are some of the latest happenings in our life. :)

University Village Tenant Appreciation Lunch
Our complex (i.e. Adam and Michelle) put on its second annual Tenant Appreciation Lunch last month. We thought it turned out great! What did you guys think?
The line crew: Greg, Bree (my cousin), Tom, Reyna, Michelle, Me and Adam (behind the camera)

Hungry tenants!

There was such a good turnout, and the food was so yummy, that there wasn't enough for us hard workers. :( We were absolutely starving and exhausted so we went to Arby's afterward. Such sacrifices managers make... :)

Twin cousin visit!
My favorite twin cousin ever came to visit a few weeks ago! Bree and I are twin cousins because we're only three hours apart--cool, huh? :) She had never been to Eastern Idaho before, but she loves us and came to visit, so we tried to show her a good time! On Friday night we went to The Backyard (hittin' the local spots) and hung out. On Saturday, we did the Tenant Appreciation Lunch for like five hours (set-up, during, take-down) and grabbed lunch at Arby's and then we decided we just needed to have some fun girl time! We went to New Image Salon and had pedicures and manicures done. I had Brad and Bree had Lacey--it was so much fun! Then we hit up Hard Hat Steakhouse and stayed up chatting afterwards, of course. :)
Me & flamboyant, funny Brad :)

Bree & Lacey (sorry for the bad focus)

How do we look? :) Getting pampered every once in a while is soooo nice!

Girls' Trip 2008!
I love my family! Every year, all the ladies who are high school grads or older that can come, gather for a weekend of chatting, games, food and bonding. :)
Stocking up on the goods ;)

Just a little crowded on the way there...

The mysterious "lava flow" we drove around for like half an hour to find(the picture doesn't do it justice)!

Let the games begin! We stayed up until 4 a.m. both nights playing games!

Waterballoon volleyball! Funnest. Game. Ever.

Can't help but laugh :)

Williams girls--Elizabeth, Mom (Vicki), Kathryn

More games!

Normal happy face :)

Game face (or at least an attempt at one!)

Sisters forever! Yay for no make-up :)


Heather said...

It looks like you had a ton of fun!! Its always great when you can spend time with family that you havn't seen in awhile

Andy and Amanda Yeaman! said...

Soo cute! I love all of your pictures, they're so much fun! The one of you with your mom and sister is particularly adorable, such a great shot! It was awesome to spend some time with you this weekend, and we're excited to see you in just a couple of weeks! Wooo!

Sommer said...

wow your girls weekend is a great idea! I can't imagine many things more fun then that and it's always nice to have girl time!

Me and My Boys said...

hey we need to hang out, strangers! maybe a little ulimate?