Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Boise trip--I love my family!

Adam and I went to Boise the weekend of Oct. 20, partly because of the District III Marching Band Competition I was in when I was in high school (nerd alert, I know!), but mostly to see my wonderful family! It was so fun. We hung out, took family pictures and carved pumpkins. It was much too short, but so fun.
P.S. Didn't the pumpkins turn out amazing? The Gators suck and the Gatorade pics are part of a way funny inside joke story. :)
P.P.S. I'm not a blog expert, so some of the alignment is screwed up!


The Fantasias said...

I miss Idaho. Boise is so fun. Okay, now - I need more pics. :o)

Kathryn & Adam Ririe said...

I love Idaho! Haha, I know, I'm a loser and am bad at posting pics! I will try and update it this weekend, just for you. :) Thanks for looking and commenting on our blog! I keep forgetting to tell anyone about it, so I think you're like the only visitor--how special. :)

Lauren said...

Kathryn!! I am so glad that you stumbled across our blog. I LOVE your short hair, so cute!!! Congrats on graduation, huge accomplishment. Too bad Adam is still in school. It just doesn't feel like you have graduated when your spouse is still studying away, but 2009 will come fast and then he will be super smart and make you lots of money and you can work and have babies, stay home and have babies, whatever you want :)